Where does all the Dexcom Data go to?

While I was on the phone with Dexcom today, I uploaded my data to Portrait and someone helping me said it only stores 30 days worth. I seem to remember that from when I first started using dex again, but it wasn't something I thought about much due to not ever uploading my data until recently and realizing that it will only ever have 30 days worth while my phone records in the ibg star app keep everything until I delete them off. Is all of this data automatically deleted off the dexcom each 30 days?

I had a strange experience at some point where the dexcom seemed to shut off or something like that and then gave me a message that it had reset itself and the graph of bg had all vanished or something. I can't remember exactly what happened now.

Ever tried Diasend?

Hi Dishers, yes I have, that is where I first uploaded to 2 weeks ago, but I basically just uploaded and didn't have time to look at anything there yet.. does diasend have more data? The problem with Diasend is that I think we eventually have to pay for this? I don't want to do that. I really just want software provided by Dexcom that I can use on my own computer and then send or upload for my cde.

I just checked and it has 3-4000 values there, so the data is actually still on dexcom then?

Or would 30 days have that many bg readings, I guess so since they happen every 5 minutes.

The receiver can hold 30 days worth of readings which is 8640 data points. After that I believe each day you lose the single day's worth of data so it loses 288 results a day. Diasend is a free program I think the people that get charged are clinics or doctors' offices that use the service and download their patients data. I like Studio software for figuring out averages and places I need to work. I like Diasend to get a compilation report of both my Omnipod PDM and my Dexcom receiver that shows the data in an easy to understand report.

Thanks Clare :-) I still can't see a lot of patterns in the Diasend but the day to day is easier for me to look at. I'm glad Diasend is free. Lets see how Portrait progresses because Dexcom told me today they are getting rid of Studio and Portrait which is a web based app is taking over. So far I don't like it very much.

I wonder why mine only has around 4000? Maybe I've missed something.

we only have studio which is window's based, I have a mac so I use diasend only as Clare mentioned, it is free, I also like it as I have all my data from cgm and pump all in one place instead of using two programs.

Thanks Dishers :-) I didn't realize that was studio at Diasend. I'm going to try to upload my pump data there too. I don't think it will upoad my cgm data, I know t connect(for my t slim) can't upload my ibg star data.

diasend is not studio. I use diasend as studio only works on a windows machine. so far the only alternative that I am aware of is Diasend. I do like it thought as I can attach my omnipod and dexcom devices and save all to my diasend.

good luck meee although I am sure you won't need it.

Thanks Dishers, I use macs also which I mentioned above I think- you can also use portrait- the web application which will be taking over I was told. It’s not very good at the moment though. You have to use it at the dexcom website

Here is where to set up Portrait:

Portrait for People with Mac http://www.dexcom.com/dexcom-studio