How do you sign up for the COVID vaccine?

Does anyone know how to sign up for or get on a list to receive the COVID vaccine?
I’m in Massachusetts and right now there are many people in front of me in the hypothetical line, but, when it comes to be the turn of people with 1 comorbidity (in February, according to the state’s website), I’d like to sign up right away, but I don’t know what to do.
I asked my endocrinologist a few weeks ago and he said he did not know.
One further wrinkle, my endocrinologist and my primary residence are in NY, but I’ve been in MA for most of the COVID time. I would drive back to NY if it was necessary, but I’d rather get the vaccine where I am and avoid potential exposure on the way.
For anyone who is further up in line (because of age or another comorbidity) did you have to prove your medical status with a doctor’s note or something?

I have found that I had to call my health dept to find out anything. My local health dept suggested that I call the health dept. in a larger town which I did. I live in Idaho and like several states in the NW, they are just trying to get this all figured out. It is an ongoing process.

Here things are not organized at all well yet. I am trying to influence the Covid Committee in Idaho so I emailed them yesterday. I am 70 with 3 comorbidities and the current schedule has me getting vaccinated in April at the earliest along with healthy 65 yr olds.

I was told that the vaccine will be available in several locations, but none of that has been worked out yet here. We will be notified about the time to get our vaccinations by press briefings and other media announcements. Our doctors might or might not be able to give the vaccine.

My husband and I are citizens of Idaho but also have a beach house in another state where we spend a lot of time. I am assuming that we have to get our Covid vaccinations in the state where we are citizens, but I don’t know for sure.

Call your local health dept and see if they can answer some of your questions.


From what I can determine in your post, it appears you are in the Phase 2 category of individuals to get the vaccine in MA. Phase 2 is not February, but currently a range between February and April. This can shift at any time and MA reviews, updates and publishes any changes in its timeline and phases twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday by 5PM.

I am also in this Phase 2 group and my treatment clinic is Joslin in Boston. So far, Joslin has not received any vaccine for any of its patients and should they receive a batch, they will notify their patient base and vaccinate based on the Ma state guidelines. Joslin encourages their patients to get the vaccine anywhere they can and not to rely on Joslin to vaccinate them.

There is currently no list to get on for Phase 2. I have 2 comorbidities, am 72 years old an essential worker, working 12 hour days, 7 days a week due to staff shortages so very eager to get the vaccine and following this very closely in Massachusetts.

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In my state you get a gun, go to the courthouse and start shooting out windows. That will get you in jail, and we are vaccinating prisoners. I am not a felony committer, I am a COVID 19 hater. Just saying.


I just got a notice from my health group via e-mail that they are working on sign ups for everyone over 75. You sign up by way of MyChart and you will be notified of specifics by way of MyChart.

I am not in that group but I am assuming that is how they will handle all future notifications.

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My state has a link to a sign-up portal on their coronavirus .gov website.

My state has mostly finished phase 1A (LTC facility residents and healthcare workers). Phase 1b started today (residents over 65).

The target date for phase 1C tier 1 (includes people with chronic health conditions) is February 1st. I plan to try to sign up as soon as I can. I’ve looked over the portal. It is very user friendly.

Thankfully, my state expects to be able to vaccinate anyone with a chronic medical condition in the same phase. They’re not separating out type 1 vs type 2 into different phases.

They seem to have things under control as far as vaccinations go. I’m pleased.

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AARP site has link to some states plans, how to sign up and other info.


Thanks so much for your reply, CJ114. I’ve started “following” my county’s health board on Facebook because, like you say, they are promising updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And, yes, I’m in Phase 2 and it does seem like it will be a while since they just started with police and fire fighters, I believe.

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This is all very state dependent.
MA hasn’t gotten far enough along to release infor for you, yet.
But, it might be posted here, when ready:

They have not released concrete vacc plans, but appear to be following CDC to the letter.

Your governor is holding a briefing in an hour. In MN, that’s where I get most up to date info.