Should I get the Covid Vaccine?

Should I get the vaccine? I have read how some people’s bloodsugar rose high for days following the vaccine. I am worried about what it might do to me. I am on the 630 with a dexcom g6. Help me to decide. Thanks.

If you don’t get the vaccine, odds are you’ll eventually get covid instead, which will likely be far worse on your blood sugars. And many of us had no noticeable effect of the vaccine on sugars and some have run lower. So I would say if that’s your hesitation, get it for sure. Just be prepared to change your insulin possibly for a little while.


Yes, risk death for the small chance your blood sugar might rise a little for a few days (which it probably won’t). Makes perfect sense.


Yes, you should get the Covid vaccine. I don’t even see this decision as a close call.

The vaccination may bring some errant blood sugar levels for a day or two. On the other hand, if you refuse to get the vaccination, you risk a serious Covid infection with the chance of hospitalization and even death. Even if you avoid hospitalization and death, you could end up with long-hauler symptoms that could degrade your health for the rest of your life.

Get the vaccination at your first opportunity. It’s good for you and also good for your community.


It’s somewhat ironic that a sometimes successful treatment for long-hauler symptoms recently mentioned in the press is getting the Covid vaccine.

Imagine being vaccine hesitant only to end up with long-hauler and then advised that one possible way out is to get the vaccine you were hesitant to get in the first place? How would one process that? :thinking:

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I wasn’t aware of this. Yes, that is ironic.

It’s a shame that a sizable percentage of people don’t know what information sources to trust in this highly polarized environment confused with misleading propaganda. Once a belief system becomes entrenched, there is little that can persuade someone to change.

Imagine the incredulity of ICU nurses who must work with some seriously ill Covid patients who don’t believe that they are sick with Covid-19 or that Covid-19 even exists.


It’s still just anecdotal and no causal relationship has been proved. Just reports of people who had long haul but felt noticeably better after getting vaccinated.


I had 2 days of high sugars. I took a lot of extra insulin.
It is absolutely worth it to avoid getting covid though.
I already had a mild case of it a year ago.
My sugars go nuts whenever I’m sick no matter what it is.
I’ll take the 2 days of higher sugars

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My sugars didn’t get high.

But, my arm hurt so bad last night I was worried I had a blood clot.
Its was a strange pain I’d never felt before, days after the vacc. It was not immoderate pain. It went away today. Unknown if its related.

You need your shot, @Dee_Meloche, otherwise we will all worry.


I’ll be booking an appointment the second I’m eligible. If you caught COVID you’d likely end up with high blood sugar for the duration of the illness (which can be weeks or longer) and could have much worse effects including death. A day or two of high blood sugar or other side effects from a vaccine is definitely worth it. No question.


I have had both injections and there was zero blood sugar impact.


I get my 2nd next week, moderna, hope it goes as well as yours!

Have you asked your health care team? I am very excited to get my second tomorrow. Be safe,wear a mask. Nancy50

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Yes, you should.

I, too, have been a bit nervous about the possible blood sugar irregularities associated with the vaccine, but it never once occurred to me to not get it. I am just going to make sure that I am prepared for a “sick day” and hope for the best.

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Got my second Pfizer last Friday and no BG issues either time. But, I also had no problems with any other issues and that may have something to do with it. Good luck…

I just wanted to know what other people thought. Thanks


I didn’t have any noticeable effects on my blood glucose levels immediately following the vaccine.

I did need more basal about a week afterward, but that may have just been hormones.

I go in for my second shot on Monday. I’m really grateful to have gotten the vaccine and will happily increase my insulin for a period of time if needed.

I’m sure getting the virus would have a much larger impact on my blood glucose levels than the vaccine.

I would recommend getting the vaccine. If you’re worried about this, you can always opt for the one dose J&J vaccine so you’re only having to adjust for one dose.

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I got both doses of Moderna and didn’t see any changes in insulin needs after either one, that I would attribute strictly to the vaccine. (The vaccine did give me some fatigue that made me want to lay around for a day afterwards, so i needed more basal insulin due to inactivity… but not “due to the vaccine” if that makes sense.)


I do as well MM


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You tell them!