Covid Vaccine - are you getting it?


I wanted to get people who have type 1 their opinions on whether or not they are going to get the covid vaccine?

I am prioritized due to my job and received an email to register. I’ve spoken to my doctor about it and did my research, but I am just curious to hear what others who also have type 1 are planning to do?

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I am Type 2 but the question is just a relevant for me.

The answer is yes.

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Yes, of course. As soon as I possibly can. I’ve never had a problem with a vaccination in the past and I don’t have any concerns about this one.

Wait, I did have a very strong reaction to the smallpox vaccination back in the 60’s. But nothing since that.


Yes, T1D, 55+ years, I plan to get vaccine.


Yes, for both my husband and I. Right now our state is saying mid February. But no plan yet for how to sign up and where to go. I sure don’t want to wait in a car line for hours.


I would do it in a heart beat, but. Its always the but.

The issue is that the American College of Rheumatology (ACR), has given preliminary advice that those of us who use immuno suppressants should wait until time for our immuno suppressant have the vaccine, then wait for one full period before we have the immuno suppressant.

I take Rituxan twice each 4 months. Meaning I would have the second dose of Rituxan then wait 4 months, have the vaccine, then wait 4 months.

So wait about eight months to have the Rituxan. It is a terrible choice. Go back to barley walking and being awake or get the vaccine. Since i would also have to be off Methotrexate for one month the outcome could be awful.

ACR has yet to release final advice to rheumatologists so hopefully Rituxan might be treated differently in the final advice, but right now, as much I want it, if what preliminary advice is correct and i do not wait. The vaccine will be wasted. The patient (me of course) will be fine, it is the vaccine that will be wasted. I do not want to waste the vaccine and if i a different vaccine does not have the issue, then yeah sign me up 14 times.

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Yes - ASAP - I won’t cheat and cut in line but at age 72+, diabetic, essential worker and working 70-80 hour work weeks since this all began due to short staffing I will welcome the day I can roll up my sleeve and get vaccinated.


I say yes.
And I’ve already had Covid back in March
I have a window of jan15 to feb 15 to get mine. I will sign up as soon as jan15 comes.
I believe my biggest risk is that it doesn’t work. I’m not afraid of an allergic reaction.


Yes, Yes, Yes. Gimie vaccine now.


Yes, I am eager to get a vaccine and will sign up as soon as it is an option for me.


I really just want to make the right decision for me, so I’m still on the fence. Even tho I am a nurse, personally, I have a general mistrust of big pharma (the fact that my very life depends on them is not lost to me) and that my type 1 presented after a series of vaccinations I had as a 10yr old child that were required for me to enter military school in the US. Coincidence? maybe. We’ll never know. I’d also be interested to hear from others who are still undecided and why.


I was a bit leery of the vaccines before the trials were complete. My primary concerns were if people in the trials had had type 1 diabetes. If the people with diabetes in the trial had type 2, then that might not show that the vaccines were safe for people with type 1.

I looked through Pfizer’s article, and while they don’t say if the people with diabetes in the trial had type 1 or 2, there were 118 people in the trial (62 received the real vaccine) with rheumatic diseases- most of which are autoimmune diseases. There were 100 people with diabetes that had complications and 1,473 people with diabetes without complications that received the real vaccine. These counts are in the supplementary appendix in the link below.

62 is a small number. Still, seeing the large number of people with diabetes and seeing that some trial participants had autoimmune diseases gave me some comfort that the trials had included people with a similar background to me, if not the same background.

Honestly though, I’m just ready to resume some semblance of normal life. I want to be able to hug my friends, go out to restaurants, travel. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to get a vaccination any time soon because I don’t meet the criteria for the early phases.

While I know it is rude, my general response to people who don’t want the vaccine is that they should move over so that everyone else can get one.


Definitely, when my province makes it available to my age group and/or people with diabetes.

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I may get it at some point, but at the moment I’m staunchly in the “hell no” camp. I am no anti-vaxer. I’m all for effective medicines that have been thoroughly vetted… But I have zero trust for anything developed this way in such a highly stressed climate and rushed through development, trials, and authorization.

My family has been deeply affected by the Thimerosal preservative briefly used in vaccines.
Yes, it’s a hottly debated topic and the pharmaceutical companies and government swear up and down that it didn’t cause autism or other problems… But surprise, surprise there much evidence to the contrary. It’s easy to sure evidence to match your claims. This is very personal to us… We have 3 severe cases, and 1 mild in the family. All from different bloodlines, different locations, but only in the same generation that received Thimerosal, and nowhere else. There have been other mistakes in medical history, too. We don’t know the problem exist until they’ve had time to come to light.

I simply cannot submit to anything like this until I see how it plays out amongst the other guinea pigs. Because I’m my eyes, that’s what everyone jumping on the vaccine is. You’re still test subjects.

I will continue to protect myself and family by doing exactly what we’ve been doing… Isolation, cleanliness, and increased caution.


I will accept the first available vaccination. I believe that any risk associated with a vaccine is dwarfed by the risk of a severe case if I catch the virus. In addition to T1D, I live with coronary artery disease.


Yes, I will get it as soon as I can. I will be 70 this month, am a very well controlled type 1 but I have heart disease. My cardiologist thinks that Covid would most likely kill me. I haven’t been exposed to anyone but my husband since March.

I have had a tooth ache for days, but can’t go to a dentist, and have not had anything medically tested in almost a year. Luckily I have a home lipid tester. My diabetes is very stable so I don’t need an A1c. I have two other illnesses which are going unchecked.

The great state of Idaho has decided that people 65 to 75 with comorbidities can get the shot with healthy people 65+. I am scheduled along with many others in April. So far nursing home patients haven’t been vaccinated here. Oh, and in Idaho people don’t need to wear masks.

Oh, and I also have an eye which is bothering me, but I am afraid to go to my ophthalmologist, since two of the doctors have had Covid.


Yes, Type 1, member of high-risk ethnic group, sarcoidosis, and high blood pressure. Sorry to say many of my friends are saying they will not get it. They cite the mistrust of the government. I check every day to see when I can get it.

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Marilyn, I fully understand your caution about Covid. Dental health, especially a toothache, is not a small risk. I’ve heard horror stories of a dental infection spreading to the brain. I had my teeth cleaned last summer and found the protective protocol followed by my dentist and everyone else I came into contact with acceptable.

You can minimize your risk and still get treatment for your toothache. I know it’s scary and safety is relative, never absolute, but a toothache is nothing to fool with.

I personally think that seniors age 65-75 with comorbidities should be grouped with the age 75+ category. I take comfort in my ability to hide from the virus due to retirement and a livable income.


Thanks Terry, I too know of someone whose tooth infection went to his brain and caused his death. I am hoping the pain just goes away which is rather stupid, but I am so darn scared of dying from Covid. I was doing so very well here at home just waiting Covid out before the tooth and eye problems. I think I am going to at least wait, if I can, until the physicians are fully vaccinated. I live in a state where the virus is not taken seriously even by some professionals.

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I have been getting dental work during covid. I go to a school
and they are following extreme protocol.

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