How I am working on Lipohypertrophy

I hope everyone is doing well and healthy during this pandemic. I started a YouTube channel for my yoga students to keep them motivated but I also try to teach them how to live their best life with self care practices. This week I decided to discuss cupping for scar tissue and deep tissue work. It’s something I have been doing for years to prevent lipohypertrphy for my injection sites. I believe in doing everything in my power to preserve my sites for my best abortion. After 22 years of insulin I think it’s working. I wanted to share the link for anyone who might find this helpful/interesting. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.

PS - I’d love for you to join my yoga family if you enjoy the practice or want to learn about movement and mobility!


Thanks for posting. My wife uses cupping on a fairly routine basis, but it never occurred to me it might help with lipohypertrophy. Might give it a shot.

I was paying 45 dollars a week to have someone work on it for me then I got smart about it. Similar to massage it can increase circulation so start with very short sessions in case you hit a pocket of insulin. Unlikely but I’m always cautious of body work to start.