Astym for lipohypertrophy?


My husband has been a pretty healthy Type 1 for 40 years. He’s had an insulin pump for 20 years and now has lipohypertrophy. His endo has referred him for Astym treatment for the lumps and scar tissue.
I can find no research that supports this! I wrote to Medtronic and they haven’t responded. If it works, we are all for it. But if it doesn’t, its an expensive waste of cash and time.
I’ve also heard ultrasound may help. Looking for anyone with experience in treating this condition. Yes we know about site rotation, but he’s out of real estate in those areas.

Thank you for sharing any of your own experiences in this.

How many sites does he rotate? I’m coming up on 20 years pumping and rotate 6-8 sites so minimum of 2 weeks and up to 3 weeks between sites works for me

He does do all of his various 8 site rotations, but its been more than 6 months since they’ve been touched and the scar tissue still doesn’t return to normal. This began about 5 years ago and his endo ‘thinks’ it could be an immune system response.
He may have to return to injections