Best Free Android Apps for Type I Diabetics


I have a question that has probably come up in the past, but I'm new, so I don't really know how to find any previous topics similar to this.

Are there any specific or recomended Apps (Google Android) for diabetics? Especially if they're free and updated regularly. I know about some meal diaries, but other than that I'm not having much luck. Any App names would be highly appreciated! Thanks!

I've used Google Play - OnTrack Diabetes to track my BG and meds for a couple of years now. It can also track weight, AC1, carbs, exercise, etc.

The best thing for me is that it takes my BG readings and puts them in various charts so I can track the trend and not get obsessive about the individual numbers. Also, I have all my stats in one place.

The best thing for my MD is that I can easily email her my "log book" so she can keep up with how I'm doing.

There is a learning curve. And one of it's strengths (being able to customize the categories and define timeframes, etc.)also can make it hard for those who are not-so-tech-savvy to set it up.

I've been using Google Plan - EatDifferent to track my eating.

I like that all I have to do at the beginning of the meal is take a quick photo of my plate. Then I go back later and add the description or notes. Having a visual reminder of the meal works better for me than having just words to look at.

I've set up goals like "more water," "less chocolate." And it has slider bars that I can use to track how I'm doing with these.

When I'm in a hurry sometimes I just photograph my BG monitor and then record the reading later in OnTrack.

Corinna, How do I get these Apps/ I have a Droid Phone, also Google Chrome on my laptop. Thanks, Carol

I like It's an integrated web page / android app and the data syncs automatically. You can also authorize other people to view your information if you want to involve friends and family in your care.

I will second what Corrina said. I have been playing with 'On Track Diabetes' for a couple of weeks and I like it. I have also downloaded 'Go Meals' for carb counting but haven't done anything with it yet.

Gary S

Go to Google Play on your phone or browser and search for the app names.