How long after diagnosis (T2) were you prescribed medication?

How long after diagnosis were you prescribed medication such as insulin or metformin and were just treating your diabetes with diet end physical activity before?

for me it was something like 5 years but everyone is different. you might even start out w/ meds and come off them for a while if you can control it w/ diet and exercise

They started me off with meds, then pulled them when the numbers came back under control. The standard of care is to stabilize blood glucose levels and A1c in the “normal” (nondiabetic) range first, then reduce medication if (and only if) appropriate. I was starting to get some low readings that the doctor said should scare me, so we dropped back the Glucophage XR, then got rid of it completely. (Now 7 years diabetes-med free!)

Does less than a minute count? I was put on amaryl immediately, one small blue pill to start things out. I am still on that one small blue pill now, after 10 years, but have added metformin and januvia to it, along with others that were horrible.

nice work tmana

I started on insulin, just for a week while in the hospital, then was on Januvia six months and now I’m off, seeing if I can continue by just diet and exercise. I started and I’m still at 5.5 AC1, so my diabetes was caught right at the beginning. I don’t think I had it longer than a month or two before it was discovered. And it wouldn’t have been found if I hadn’t gotten sick.

I have a friend who was told she has prediabetes and last fall told she doesn’t have that anymore. I’m betting that sort of situation will lead to a long time of diet and exercise before she finally gets meds.