How long will this take?

ok so yesterday i got a call that my new pump(animas ping) is being sent and they verifyed my insurance and everything. i just wanted to know how long the the wait will be and how long is the training?

1-2 months youl get to use your pump I was ancous to to get my pump

The pump could be to you in a week, but the training will ultimately depend on your doctor’s office and who is training you.

At my endo’s office, the educators prefer to have pumps shipped directly to them and then they train you themselves, so it’s a matter of how soon you can get in to see them after your pump gets to their office. The actual training will last you probably about 2 hours while the trainer helps you set up your dosages and settings and such.

If a pump representative from Animas is training you directly, it’s likely to be a faster turnaround. My first pump was a Minimed and the trainer came to my home and spent a couple hours with me.

ok thanks :]

im not sure what my doc. wants me to do but he probably told my mom over the phone

i got the call for my animas pump on monday the 22nd. it will be here on monday the 29th according to Animas. Call them at 877-937-7867 and then press 3, and ask when it is shipping and they’ll tell you the day it is to arrive. you have to schedule your training with their trainer. Ask for the number of the local rep. who will get you in touch with the trainer in your area. they will guide you.