How many carbs do you eat in a day?

I really want to lose some weight and need some tips on how to do so with T1.

I follow a high fat, low carb, moderate protein diet. I try to stay under 20 grams of carbs per day. It is wonderful for my BG control.

There are lots of forums online that have info on this diet- it does help with weight loss as well. I do it for my #s and also to keep weight in check.

good luck!

google NK for nutritional ketosis (this kind of ketosis is ok as long as your blood sugars are in range..)

My daily target is about 30. Don't always hit it but usually come very close. And yes, it has done wonders for my weight. :)

I'm a T1 who likes carbs and do not limit them. But if you eat less, exercise more...this will allow you to lose weight. My carbs are not a specific count, they vary from day to day. I eat what I need each day depending on my activity.

i eat about 80-100 carbs a day and am quite active. no weight loss, but no gain. i eat lots of nuts though..

I eat about 100g of carbs per day

Well, this is a very individual thing. When I was young, I could eat anything and not gain weight. But as I've aged, I really have to limit things. And I am a firm believer that overeating carbs contributes to weight gain when we use insulin. When we eat more carbs than we actually need, the extra blood sugar is converted to body fat and insulin actually amplifies this fat storage.

And when we want to lose weight, we want to not just lose any weight, we don't want to lose muscle mass, we want to lose bodyfat. So I think it is actually a good idea focus on diets that help with fat loss. And I think there are two key elements to those diets. The first is simple, the diet should be protein sparing, you should get enough protein so that all your dietary needs for protein will easily be met and you won't burn up any muscles during your diet. You don't want to eat too much, but certainly get enough.

The second element is what you ask. How many carbs to eat. I think that the answer lies in making sure that you can keep your blood sugar rise from meals really well controlled and that within 2-3 hours of your meal you can attain a "normal" blood sugar (70-140 mg/dl or so). Excess carbs in your meal will be taken up as bodyfat and if your blood sugar remains elevated for hours after your meal your body will just lay down extra bodyfat.

And finally, our bodies naturally burn fat. Overnight we don't eat while we sleep, our bodies burn fat. Try to optimize the amount of fat burning time during the day (this is the ketosis that Claire mentions). Ketosis kicks in when you have a really well controlled blood sugar and low insulin levels. I've taken to doing intermittent fasting. As to how many carbs, I usually get about 50g/day. But everyone is different.

ps. Note that I said nothing about eating fat and although some people believe that calorie restriction is important, I'm not a believer.

120-150 w/ occasional excursions of more or less. My weight has been pretty flat for a while. I read Gary Taubes' interesting books (largely b/c of Brian (bsc's) references to them and noted that there's not exactly a consensus about what the upper limit of carbs to achieve low-carb might be. I'm sure it's less than I eat but I also cheat but exercising a lot, although I have totally slacked off lately.

When I was more into "losing" than "maintaining" weight (although I am also doing some muscle building exercises, we'll see how that goes!), I would look at opportunities to cut carbs out, replace stuff like pretzels with stuff like nuts or veggies. I also noticed that this seemed to make me feel better generally and help with recovering from some of the longer runs, etc. so I've stuck with it since I'm not getting any younger.

I eat 15g with each meal (45g for the day) and only snack if I am low.

here's another discussion on "how many carbs" with many many replies

I eat around 100g per day. Some days less like 80g, some days more like 120g. My weight is just holding steady right now, not losing and not gaining. But I also haven't been exercising much since the start of the new year, so I think once I find time to incorporate that, things should improve.

I eat about 45-70 carbs per meal with daily totals of around 160 carbs when I don't skip lunch. The relationship of total carbs to a healthy weight isn't straight forward for T1. I'm lucky and careful and can eat more carbs than most without any issues.


So how come our "diabetes twinship" didn't extend to the carb/weight relationship too, Maurie? Geeesh.

I guess we're only fraternal...

About 100g, with an increasing amount at each meal of the day.
I'm not usually very hungry until dinner, making the total energy intake resonably low.

I eat 25-40g / day. Previously ~300-500. Haven't raised fat or protein intake substantially. I dropped a little over 10lbs over 1.5 years.

I follow the same kind of diet. Works very well and I feel amazing when I can actually stick to it. Small "cheats" screw me up a ton on this diet.

I usually get about between 50g-120g depending on activity levels. I am 95kg and about 14% body fat.

I also get 250g of protein a day.. Lots of lean meat, nuts, fish..

I was working out two hours a day, doing intense interval training on about 80g of carbs a day, but after 8 weeks I was feeling very weak,lethargic and had no energy.

I have no upped carbs a bit and do a carb load every 10 days and I have much more energy.

I don't seem to be able to lift heavy weights, do sprint training etc without carbs in my diet! HbA1c has increased a bit 0.5% but I feel so much fitter and healthier.

20-30 per day. I find it a slippery slope for me when I eat more, as I tend to crave more and over eat.

Oh that must be it!