Total daily carbs?

Just wondering how many grams of carbohydrates you typically consume at each meal. I’m really active and am burning through all of my food, only to end up incredibly starving mid-afternoon. I’m a T1 with good control. I eat 45g at b-fast, 45g at lunch, and 45g at dinner. I don’t think it’s enough for my daily 1.5 hour workout. Any ideas on strategies to not get hungry late afternoon and into the evening?

There is a lengthy thread on this subject at you might want to check out.

The short answer for me is: as many carbs as I want. As long as I maintain a healthy weight and bgl’s, I don’t worry about it. Strategies on not getting hungry in the late afternoon or evening - if I find I’m getting hungry later in the day, I start eating more for breakfast and lunch - and I try to keep the carbs really rich in fiber. That almost always solves it. Sometimes I feel a bit hungry, but what my body really wants is more fluids, so I’ll have a diet soda or a big glass of water.

" … Any ideas on strategies to not get hungry late afternoon and into the evening? …"
Get the majority of your calories from fat. Once you have become fat adapted, your body will happily tap into those reserves when it needs energy. And you won’t get hungry.

I usually have 30g for breakfast, 40g for lunch, 40g in the evening and about 30g for my daily snacks. that totals 140g per day. I need to lose 31 pounds so the lower carb total will require less insulin and that means i will lose weight. I have already lost 6 pounds in the last 4 weeks. I aim to be eating only 130 carbs by the end of June. Good luck!