How many infusion sets do you order for 3 months?

I am curious, since my current provider just ordered the exact amount. I usually get an extra box because of bad infusion sets, itchy sites, etc. And I use them....

Just curious how many you get for a 3 month supply....

I order 5 boxes of sets and 5 of cartridges for 3 months. since I switched to metal sets, I waste far less, but I had my doctor order more than I need so I could have extras.

With any pump I've had, and any HMO they only sent me four boxes...

When I first got my pump I got 4 boxes (10 per box) for 3 months, which was enough. Then our insurance made some changes and would only give, me 3 boxes, which meant I was wearing a set for 4 days to accomodate “real life” but by the 4th day it wasn’t absorbing as well, which meant higher blood, sugars and more insulin (which they have also gotten extreemly stingy with). At, my, last appointment my prescription was rewritten for changing sets every 2 days and that I’m using more insulin (5 boxes, and enough insulin that I don’t have to worry about running low at the end of 3 months). It helps that my provider personally has the same insurance I do so he is familiar with all their hoops they make you jump through.

We're supposed to have supplies on hand for emergencies too, so I never understood any cut in supplies. We have to have back up!

When I told Animas I was runnin out of sets because I had failures and needed extra, they just told me to have my doctor change it from every 3 days to 2 which I did and have kept doing.

My endo prescribes enough to change them out every two days. I noted better numbers after I got that advice.

I get 45 for 90 days. I like having some spares that I don't have to beg anyone for.

I am on Medicare and my provider says Medicare only allows sending supplies every 90 days SO if I start running low I am out of luck. I therefore have had my Doc switch my prescription to changing every 2 days so I get 45 sets instead of just 30. Think I am actually going to try changing frequency as well. I have been doing about every 60 hours but seems insulin is not as effective due to poor absorption after that longer period.

My endo recently changed my prescription for changing every two days so I can really change every 3 days. I’d been making the ones I didn’t have issues with last 4 to 4 1/2 days so I wouldn’t run out. My source ships in increments of ten, so I have 50 for 90 days. I may try shortening a bit more once I get some cushion built up as my insulin absorption seems to drop off a bit the last day - I always seem to need more insulin that last day, even if it is food I eat regularly and have my insulin needs for it well calibrated.

I’ve run 3-4 days in the past and also noticed a stale site effect on the fourth day. So now I load up three days of insulin and change out when I get the almost empty warning at 20 units. That forces me to go no more than three days. I’m thinking that changing every two days would be a safer habit with regard to consistent absorption but I’m resistant to adding that extra work load.

I am on Medicare and they determine how much they approve based on how frequently you change. Originally my Doc and I put down every three days BUT I needed more than the 30 they sent me. Seemed I got stale sights sooner than 3 days - in addition to the times when I accidentally pull my infusion set out. Since Medicare does not allow half days I now request enough sets for every every two days = 45 sets for ninety days and this works fine. Plus my provider says Medicare does not allow them to send out new supplies until I am within a week of running out but with the 45 sets I can request a little earlier than that.

yep! Same here. It's crazy to think that all infusion sets never pull out, are in bad spots, or you might need extras.