How Many Infusion sets do you order?

Someone somewhere suddenly took my usual order of five boxes every six months, down to three boxes every three months. I am wondering what people usually get, because they tell me this should last for every two day set changes. ???

I receive four boxes every three months, and it is more than enough for me. I change my site every three days usually filling up the reservoir and changing that when it runs out. I always have left-over resrvoirs, in addition to infusion sets, but way more reservoirs. I don’t change anything, just keep the extras.

I know what you are saying, but since I have regularly ordered five every six months (or so) for the last maybe ten years this is new to me. And if you have been following my story, you would see it took them four weeks to send my most recent order. It was screwed up and lost and all together a huge mess.
I ended up ahead in supplies, because I bought a Cozmo right after making an Animas order four years ago. So I was sent supplies from both companies. So I havent had to make do. Some wouldnt be so lucky.
I think I was doing them a favor by only asking five boxes, twice a year and they were saving on shipping etc.
If you were using a set every two days or had a tendancy to mess one up now and then, three boxes is not sufficient. And that was their word to me, rx requires people to change every two days to three days. Two days=not enough, three days= just exactly enough. No room for error.

That seems about as it should be.

I usually order 4-5 boxres. There are a couple of things to check. First is the prescription you have - see what the amount prescribed is. Second, does your insurance company use a utilization intermediary company for supplies. If so they may limit it. I order about every 3 months. Good luck.

I get 4 boxes every 3 months…I always have enough to keep going

Jesse gets 2 boxes of insets a month from his school pharmacy…
he currently has Aetna Student health thru the college, and they are very generous.
they fill whatever prescription he brings in- no questions…
he needed a new dex, his died… His endo faxed the school pharmacy the prescription-
he had it within a week… I was amazed…
When he was on our family plan, he got 5 boxes every 3 months…
his prescription is to change every 2 days…

I’m trying to get to the bottom of this. My Hmo does use a supplier, but they have always approved five.
And my doctor to my knowledge hasnt changed a thing, nor has my policy changed.
My supplies are 100 percent paid under Home Health Care (disposables I guess). Looks to me like everyone gets at least four if not five.

4 boxes of sets and 4 boxes of reservoirs every three months from MM.

I just received a brand new MM pump. They sent four.
animas is still cutting boxes in half and not sending four or five any longer.