How many meters Do you have

So How many meters does everyone have (it does not have to be one you use)

For me I have 8!!! Two freestyles (one a flash and the other one the first one) , 2 one touch ultras, 2 BD one for the pump and a logic, and a presion xtra (my newest one I got for free and LOVE IT!!!) and the very first one I got is also a BD one but I don’t know the name of it.

As for me it’s 5 one for everyroom I go into. My daughter has 3 to her room only. So all together for us it’s 8 and we’re interchangeable!

i have a Freestyle, freestyle flash, one touch ultra, one touch ultra smart, one touch ultra 2, one touch mini, bayer contour and my current meter of choice is the Precision xtra. I love that it is so small and will also check my blood for ketones. The one touches I use as back up meters and I have the one touch mini at work in my locker in case I forget my supplies.

I have 5 meters in total:

An Optium Xceed (Australian version of the Precision Xtra)
2 Accu-Cheks (one Integra/Complete and one Performa)
1 Caresens
1 Medic Watch Dog pen

Not sure how it works in the US but here in Australia meter vendors very often are willing to give you one of their meters, as they make their money in the strips.

I was given the Optium at diagnosis, but since have been given all the others. At the moment, I use the Accu-chek Performa (similar to the Aviva in the US) as my main meter, and the Optium (Precision Xtra) as my backup.

I’m actually probably going to donate the rest to charity. 2 is probably all the meters I need.



I have 5 currently. I have 2 BD Paradigm link meters, and old OneTouch meter, an AccuCheck Aviva, and a Countour.

What is a Medic Watch Dog Pen?

Hi Emily,

The MedWatchDog Pen sensor is just another glucose meter, shaped like a pen. I think in other countries works in tandem with bigger electronic logbook.

To be honest, it’s not particularly good or useful…

The address in case you want to know more is:



I only have 1 meter. I have the One Touch Ultra 2.

Wow I’d love to have such a big collection!
I have two usable ones and a dud. The Accu-chek advantage is my original, and the one I trust the most. Then I have the optium Xceed which seems pretty good, and the Performa, which I wouldn’t trust if it was the last meter on earth.
We don’t have much choice of meters here in New Zealand, so even having three is quite an achievement - in fact, I think they’re the only ones we have available at all! But I like my toys so I want more!

Hi M,

Can I ask why you don’t trust the Performa?

I have used it to replace my Xceed, as it uses less blood and is quicker. It is also meant to compensate automatically for changes in conditions.

Would be interesting to get your view.



I have 2; both are Accu Chek Aviva’s. I was given them free at my Diabetes Consultant clinic. I must have had loads of glucometers over the years though…

Hey Emily!

I got rid of the older ones long ago but I did keep my LifeScan Fast Take(just in case).
I also have 2 Ultra 2’s, which are my constant. I still have my FreestyleMini which I
never used much.

Three meters, one I have with me at all times, one at work and one at home.
one One Touch Ultra II
two Ultra minis

LOL! I’ve joined the crowd of many new meters! First off I miss my last two meters the most! Both were AccuChek the first was a Compact the second was a Compact Plus.( they used the same cartridge to test. 17 automatic test strips that I never had to try to pick up or seperate out of that tiny bottle.) Sigh… I miss them! Now for all my freebies off doing surveys on the internet:)
I have 2 One Touch Ultra 2’s, 1 One Touch Ultra Mini, 1 Bayer Contour DS, 1 FreeStyle Lite,1 AccuChek Aviva. A total of 6 Yowza!!! that is alot. ( If only it were that easy to get test strips!)
I’m stuck with using the One Touch Ultra 2 because of getting teststrips thru the prescription. I am going to check out the FreeStyle Lite because there are 10 free test strips with it. If I like it better; I’ll ask my doc to change the “script” When insurance changes I’ll be using whatever is the cheapest or none at all. ( I dont have to think about that til the end of May!)

The Precision Xtra is the only moniotor in our home, so lets see we have 3+

We have 1 for travel, 1 in the home at all times, 1 extra in the drawer, and of course a coupon for $9.99 off of a Precision Xtra moniotors, which we will buy at Walgreens when they go on sale for $10.00. Precision Xtra, do the ketone testings too which is a major + for us. (small blue/sliver one).

Which by the way I would love to have one of those very small vial type just to put in my purse for my daughter.

I like my precision extra, but have learned to tear apart strips ahead of time. Hard to do when shaking

I only have 2 meters. One is a One Touch and the other is a One Touch Ultra Smart. I feel deprived. I feel I should go out and buy more. LOL

You know, I thought about taking all the strips out of the packaging then storing them into a small camera film container, but I didnt know if they would fit? Has anyone tried? I am tired of all the mess around the house with my daugher just tearing, and leaving them. Then we can just leave the code also in the bottle in case its needed. Hum, something to think pounder about…

Hi !

I have 4… One I don’t have name of (it’s very old), then there is Elite (from some weird company not from Bayer), then it’s Ascensia Dex 2 and my current Ascensia Contour II.


Actually, after all teh fuss… I’m gonna toss the OneTouch Ultra2 into a drawer and forget I own the crappy thing! I’m tired of fightin the test strips; and am not gonna clal teh company every day about them! sigh… I’m askking my doc for a different prescript for a different meter the next time I see him!