Looking for a buddy!

I’ve had type 1 since 1994 (I was 10 years old) and since have never had a diabetic friend. I know this sounds pathetic but i really want to make a friend who knows what i’m going through. I’ve had an online acquaintance here or there but never a real friend. If anybody lives in the South SF Bay area (or anywhere in the bay are for that matter) and wants to hang out or maybe chat on AIM or Yahoo let me know!!

I’m 24, a dance teacher, a nanny, and have a BA in psychology, and i love people! Any takers? (yes i am desperate). AIM: djchones Yahoo: djchones825

batts eyes and begs politely

If I was in Florida, I’d totally be your buddy…not saying I couldn’t be your buddy anyway…lol you know what I mean…and no, its not pathetic. Unfortunately I live in Missouri.

oh, i’m not in Florida, I’m in California. I suppose i should have made that more clear in my post, oops! :slight_smile: We should keep in touch though! IM me :slight_smile:

I am on east coast, but have put my feelers out to friends on the west coast. Most of my buddies have diabetes and I cannot imagine life without them. Good luck.

LOL! It’s okay to be desperate. :slight_smile: I am in TN, so I can’t meet you, but if you ever need to chat, let me know. I’m 27 and have been a diabetic since I was 4.

Hi Joanie

I am in the Bay Area, not far from Los Altos.

hi joanie, i really never post on here but i saw your post and thought i would say hello. i know exactly how you feel about having a friend with diabetes. i havent been diagnosed nearly as long as you, but it can be difficult not having anyone who really understands. i think we have a lot in common, unfortunately i am in alabama! I am 25 and i am currently getting my masters in social work and i got my ba in psychology. i also competively danced for years and i’m working at a daycare while i finish up grad school. i would love to chat sometime!

thanks! I’ll search until i find a crew :slight_smile:

oh wow haha, you’re a LOT like me :slight_smile: If you’re on any IM services you can send me a private message with the sn. If not you can just send your email, I’d love to chat!

I did IM (Yahoo)

Wow, Joanie! Isn’t it tragic how isolating it can all be? Before I joined tudiabetes, I’d never known many diabetics either. I was diagnosed at 10 as well (am now 29) and am a private voice lessons teacher.

But unfortunately I’m in Texas, so the hanging out probably isn’t going to happen. But I’ll be your online friend here!

aww, thanks so much!

Hi Joanie,

Afraid I’m way too far away to hang with you, but I hope we can all be your buddies until you’ve located one a lot closer. Yea, not the same, but we all know how you feel!

Hi Joanie,
You will probably get an awful lot of takers. The really great thing on here is that no one is a stranger. I talk to people from all over the place and really far away and it makes me very happy to do that. I bet you will wind up with a great many people who would love to chat with you Just hang in there and keep responding and people will just keep on talking. Have fun and I wish you the best.

I too would love to be a buddy but Ohio is a little too far away. Do you like snow? We have a lot of it here! :slight_smile:

You should check some local organizations. I have a few great diabetic friends that I went to camp with a long time ago, we still meet up and talk/exchange stories every now and then. :slight_smile:

Hi Joanie,
I live in Pleasanton not too far from you. I’m a type 1 and wear a pump like you!
I understand what it’s like to be alone in this. I have no other diabetic friends or family members. It’s just me going it alone every day. Some days are good and some aren’t. I would welcome a friend and support.
Please feel free to e-mail me.
Leslie :slight_smile:

i’m in the north SF bay and my AIM is my screen name (my real name too!) message me!

Thank you SO much!! Sure i’ll send you an email soon. I’m working for 10 hours straight tomorrow, so probably not until the weekend :slight_smile: Talk to you soon!

Thanks!!! I’m adding you now