How Many Prescription Meds do you take

I was just reading an alternative website that says:
American Seniors average out at 28 prescription meds each, and kids average at 4. Seems a bit far fetched to me. But anyway: let's do a survey! How many prescription meds do you take:-

2 prescription for me:-

Thyroid hormone

I take vitamin D3 and astaxanthin and a few other vitamins - but they're not 'prescribed'.

None for my 2 kids.

6 all up for me.
Novorapid, Lantus - Insulin
Flixotide, Seretide - Asthma inhalers (take one twice a day and the other one a few times a week)
Loraclear - Antihistamine
Cereazette - Birthcontrol pill

On top of that I have a steroid cream for ezcema which I use 3-4 times a week. I also take a multivitamin and flax oil pills daily but those two aren't prescribed. It's a lot when you add it up!

I'm actually a little scary if you count prescriptions. Just off the top of my head:

1: Test strips
2: Fast acting insulin
3: Long acting insulin
4: Synthroid
5: Lipitor
6: Lisinopril/HCTZ
7: Syringes

And I was doing 5 of the 7 when I was a kid.

Some of the above don't require prescriptions in some areas.

In most of the US, non-analog insulins are not technically prescription, nor are test strips, nor are (much of the US) syringes. But you need a prescription to get insurance to pay for anything.

Novolog and Lisinopril. I take aspirin on OTC. I don't count pump supplies, syringes. At times, I've had rx's for Lancets (the doctor volunteered, I was like "sure..." not wanting to turn down "free drugs" but I change them so rarely that it's not really worth bothering with them...) and could probably get them for alcohol swabs (what, 1500/ month? LOL...) and other "goodies" but don't bother with most of it. I could see if there were financial reasons it might be worth it to get the smaller items rx'ed.

Insulin, have been prescribed painkillers but I don't want to take them, would probably end up liking them too much.


Yep, that seems too high. I once had a doctor tell me that they get concerned if it goes over 10.
Eight for me:

Acid Reflux (2)
Kidney protection

Last but not least: fast acting insulin

I'm assuming we're not counting test strips, pump supplies, syringes, etc.

Please don't let me be the winner of the most meds!!!


test strips
pump supplies
I do feel like I have my own pharmacy!

of forgot ambien!

Lost track but I believe it is 15 prescription meds.

2 Insulins for Diabetes

Pump medication for Asthma

The rest are for or associated to my RA and OA, and a few to
counteract/prevent RA and OA medication side effects.

Apidra (The obvious lol)
Synthroid (thyroid)
Lisinipril (kidney protection)
Allegra (OTC allergy med)

I hate taking medications on a daily basis and am always trying to quit any ones I can do without.

I just have to say I am soooo glad to see long lists from other people! I sometimes feel like the number of prescriptions I have for someone who is 30 is ridiculous.

I have about five for diabetes - insulin, pump cartridges and infusion sets, test strips and ketone test strips. I also get long-acting insulin and pen needles once every few years in case of pump failure.

I have about five for allergies - an EpiPen, nasal spray and antihistamine eye drops, plus a long acting antihistamine, plus Benadryl (also an antihistamine, but not prescription).

I have two for asthma - long- and short-acting inhalers, though the long-acting one I don't always have.

I take Bisoprolol for an arrhythmia.

I also just got prescribed Crestor for cholesterol but am trying to avoid taking this one and therefore haven't filled it yet.

So that's ... 14 in total, although probably only half of those are things I take regularly year-round, the rest are only taken sometimes as needed.

As a kid I had diabetes, asthma, and allergies so the prescriptions were a bit different and a bit fewer, but five or six is probably a good guess.

Let's see:
kidney protection
acid reflux
aspirin, vitamin and zyrtek

Longest are insulin of some type (50 years) and thyroid the last 25 years or so.

My tally in the year 2011:

- Novorapid, Lantus, Levemir, Apidra, Insulatard
- Metformin
- Labetalol, Amlodipine, Methyldopa (high BP)
- folic acid 5mg (industrial strength dose so prescription only)
- Domperidone

Now no longer pregnant and breastfeeding is tailing off so will be down to 5 prescription meds at the end of 2012.


Simvostatin for cholesterol

Then i have scripts for test strips, syringes and pen needles.

Lopressor Humalog and Lantus
Red Yeast Rice but it's over the counter!

Amitriptiline, cymbalta, metformin, Azor, omperzole, frova, oxaprozin and aspirin are my meds. Frova and oxaprozin as needed. But my dr also believes in supplements so I also take: feverfew, coq10, omega 3s, multivitamin, vitamin b complex, vitamin c, cinnamon, vitamin d, probiotic, cranberry, l-arginine, melatonin/valerian, bonito peptides, chromium, glutamine, potassium, rhodila, digestive enzymes, and apple cider vinegar. I started some new supplements to help with d and digestive problems, praying I can lower my metformin dose and get rid of omeprazole. My goal is to get rid of my two depression meds after I am successful in removing omeprazole and lowering my metformin.

birth control
I also keep novolog on hand

I am sure this list will grow lol.

citalopram (depression)
temazepam (sleep)
ropinorole (restless leg syndrome)
levothyroxine (hypothyroidism)
toprol (blood pressure)
torzomide (diuretic)
calcitriol (kidney disease)
simvistatin (cholesterol)
prescription vitamin D