How many sites do you use or (how many sub-sites)

I like using my arms and legs for Pod site. I will try and rotate through them with the Pod pointing one direction and the next time pointing the other. But I generally stay in the same area.

Do you move up and down your arms or sometimes have the Pod more towards the front sometimes towards the back? I like using my lower leg, for those that use legs do you use all areas or are you more localized? Stomach? Back? Butt?

My Dexcom also rotates in those locations so it will take one of those "Main Site" off the rotation for 14 - 21 days.

Seth -
I also rotate on the arms (left, right, front, back, middle) I use my legs, and upper butt and hips (love handles) although these last two (uupper Butt anfd love handles) dont seem to do as well with absorption as the legs and arms (makes prfect sense to me as when I exercise I use my arms and legs everyday. I always thought my love hendles (hips) would work better as I do about 100 situps every day. But, no go. And, btw, I dnt use my stomach area at all, just move the pod a little more forward on the hip area. The dex sensor only goes on my left front stomach (abdomen). That is my basic routine! It all seems to work ;pretty well, cant complain! Good Luck,and PEACE.

I just took 3 months off my omnipod due to playing soccer and the pod not sticking. I have found out I sweat a lot and even my Nav site doesn’t hold on. But I use my arms A LOT. I try put it on the opposite arm of my nav site but sometimes I have it on the same arm. I will go towards the front of my arm and use the back of my arm (I actually have tan marks from this summer wearing my pods…) Sometimes my love handles/hips. I only use the back side of my love handles if that makes sense? It also has to be higher then where my pants lay. I have done it on my stomach a few times but it gets to bulky there and I don’t have the best absorption there due to scar tissue from Rapid D’s… I do my legs during the summer as my jeans get a little to tight for me to be comfortable with my pod on my leg. I as well switch the direction of where the pod is pointed.

Interesting! Only been on this for a couple months and find I always go to my stomach. I move back and forth and up and down. Tried on my love handles and hips in back but it seemed to get in the way. I would catch it when going to the bathroom. Tonight is the first night on my arm, I would never wear it there in the summer and it’s really noticeable through my top. So far not my favorite, if I was wearing a tight long sleeved shirt it would definitely show where as just under my belt line on my stomach is completely hidden and it feels safe there. Haven’t tried the legs yet, that will be next!

I use both arms, both sides of my abs, and both sides lower back. There are probably 3 sub sites in each area I’ll use. I’m finding more little areas around my abs and lower back I can use if I just rotate the pod to different angles. I use my Dex on thge outside of my my quads almost exclusively, occasionally on my abs.

Do you go with the upper area or lower area on your quads? I use the outer and inner part of my quads but stay lower to avoid my pants pockets.

I use the upper half, in a strip from about mid thigh to a few inches below my hip socket. Any lower and I’d be banging dumbells against the transmitter. I stay to the outside of the thigh. The inner thigh just seems a bit sensitive.

I just tried the back of my arm last night, got up this morning and ripped the darn thing off when drying off after my shower!! How do you not rip this off, I’ve even almost ripped it off on my back hips. My stomach seems to work best. What happens with insurance, will I come up short and not have enough to cover now that I’ve ruined one?

I’ve done that too Barb. I’ve also ripped one off my arm when it knocked up against a doorjamb. Now I strap them down with Opsite Flexfir and i haven’t ripped one off since then.

Insulet automatically sends out my pods. I get three month supplies and they sent this last shipment out a couple of weeks before the three month mark. Even after losing a 3 or 4 to accidents and a few more to pod errors, I still had plenty left over when the next shipment arrived.

I get three month supplies for all my diabetic prescriptions. Generally, my insurance company lets me refill my prescription a couple of weeks early, before the official 3 month mark.

That’s good to know. I got a 3 month prescription the first time so I’m still working on that one. I’ve run into other prescriptions (like for my glucostrips) where they won’t fill it over a few days early and then expect to ship them which can take a week. Don’t know if with our insurance they’ll send automatically or I have to call. My sensors for the Dex I have to call every month. It’s getting hard to remember when to call and who to call.
I think I’ll keep to my back and stomach for now. It was actually red and raw after it came off my arm after just 12 hours. Hadn’t thought about the thigh for the Dex, that sounds like a good idea.

I use my arms for my Navigator CGMS and reserve everywhere else for pods, generally. I have too much lower abdominal scar tissue to use my abdomen much after 8 years of using it exclusively for pumping, so I rotate between my lower back and my butt most of the time. I will rotate within those areas and move further out and in and up and down, but otherwise, that’s it. When I feel like I need a rest from those areas, I’ll use my upper abdomen or my thighs.