Alternating sites?

How often do you alternate your site? I've been wearing the pods on and off for 3 years and the only place I like to wear them is on my lower back. Over the last few weeks my insulin requirements have been slowly going up, and the only answer that seems to make sense is that it's because I'm using the same spot. I do flip from the left to right side and move it around as much as I can within that area, but has anyone else noticed an increase in your basal requirements after prolonged use of the pods? It just seems like I went through a honeymoon period with the omnipod when I started wearing it (after having been off for several months) with great bs control, and now I've hit a wall. Any similar experiences and/or suggestions?
Thanks in advance!

I'm not sure my answer is what you're looking for but I use my arms, lower back, very lower abdomen, and thighs. If I don't let it go at very least a week between pods in the same area then I start to get Occlusion errors like crazy. I also sometimes notice that even by the end of the third day of use my insulin requirements are going up in one spot. So it may be the rotation, but it also may be the insulin or just the fact that it's winter (many of us need more insulin in the winter). Good luck figuring it out!

I have noticed the same thing.....I am going to have to get more flexible on where I place the pods. My #'s are better when I vary from my favorite locales. (I still don't get lower back! How can you sit comfortably?)

The lower back is awesome, I hardly feel it!

I've also noticed my bs going up, up, up at the end of my 3 days. I love my back but just below my beltline (where my pockets are) or on my lower stomach also just at or below my belt line. I think I've heard that you shouldn't have it at your belt line but I have never found it to be a problem. Seems like there's no rhyme or reason to anything sometimes! I had it on my left upper butt and couldn't keep it high enough, next time a couple inches away and reversed, couldn't keep it down!! What the hey?


I'm due for a pod change tonight. I might just try that exact spot! Sorry...I won't be showing you a pic of my belly!

ha! am I over sharing? :)

Not at all...just younger and cuter!

you are too kind, thanks! so where else do you wear your pod?

I try to find every conceivable spot on my belly, above or below the belt line. I've only tried the back a few times and I'll use my side if I am going to get a massage. I might try the back of my arm next. I chickened out of trying your spot as I thought I might not be able to sleep on my side. It seems that some people can sleep on it. I worry that the site will become irritated. I have seen a photo here of it on someone's calf and I know others use their thighs. I've never heard of using the face or chest, but maybe next Halloween!

my son has had this issue too, he is mostly a belly guy. we also used to have the 3rd day creep up and highs after pod changes, that has improved we've been putting more insulin in the pod so it doesn't run close to a low reservoir and also do a temp basal increase after a pod change if necessary) our pump trainer suggested 6 sites since we've seen her jacob had tried a few more belly sites he was basically using only two and also arms which he doesn't love. i have encouraged him to use his low back maybe i will let him know how much you like it. apparently it is an insulin absorption issue that others have experienced the only way to fix it is to rotate i guess. good luck!