Favorite pod sites

I started on the pod in July. Since I'm on the two-day program, I have to change 15x a month. That's a lot of places to put the thing!!

Wanted to get some feedback from others on where they like to locate their pods and why. What are your most favorite places?

My top spot is back of my arms. While I'm in fairly good shape, that seems to be a place on just about everyone that there's a reasonable layer of fat, no different on me, so it works well. I completely forget it's there.

Other spot I really like is the "kidney area" an inch or two above the beltline. Not directly on my back, but around the side about 45degrees. Again, don't know it's there, and it works quite well.

The place I hate the most is my abdomen. Funny that's the recommend spot. It gets in the way all the time, is "present" sitting, etc.

What say you all?

95% of the time I use upper arms, back, front, sides. Sometimes abdomen but it's not a favorite site. I haven't really tried anywhere else.

My daughter uses back of arms and side of thighs. We also change the position of the cannula (up or down) to get more sites.

I'm almost always on back/side of arm or top of abs. I'd like to wear it lower on my abs, but have a bit of a pudgy belly, so it makes the pod stand out quite a bit.

Still ticked I can't wear it on my kneecap... just kidding.

In the summer I use my upper thighs quite a bit. I too tried my abdomen and it just felt weird. I’ll give the back area you described a try too.

Upper arms almost exclusively. I tried to go back to wearing it on my lower back but invariably it occludes there.

Mostly arms. But I rotate in my backside, below my waistline, high buttcheek :slight_smile: That area works rather well for me. I don’t dig wearing it anywhere on my abdomen. My thighs rarely work for me. I bruise and it just hurts there for me. Maybe I should be thankful I haven’t enough fat there for it to be comfortable!

Arms almost always. I once put one on my butt way up not were I would sit on it. Bad idea it hurt the whole time and when I removed it I got a huge knot that was filled with puss. It took 2 weeks to get well. On my belly & back it always feels like the cannula is scratching me. I have never put one on my legs so I can’t speak of that.

I LOVE my abdomen and used it almost exclusively for (probably) too long - for me the trick was horizontal placement. I also liked the upper arm. Now I'm using my thigh area which is a little tricky but fine. I have the new system but haven't yet tried those - I will try my hip/back once I move on to those.

A tip on the hip: ignore Insulet's advice to place it horizontal -- doesn't play well with the curvature. Works better vertical.

I like the top of my thighs the most, I always rotate to all the recommended spots and don't really have an issue with any area. but the thighs are just the best place I never feel it there.

Why in the world would you be changing it every two days? That just seems like a waste of both your money and time! Yeah, my two favorite spots are the back of my arm and lower back. I can't do my abdomen at all either because I just constantly feel it there.

Some people use higher doses that wont fit in the pod....hence changing every 2 days. With my latest change in pod distributor, they will send 2 boxes per month so technically my script is to change every 2 days to take advantage of that...

I wear mine 100% on my arms

So do you still have to pay double the price or is it less since your script is for 2 per month?

I'll probably get blasted for this too...but...I got them to write the script for a change every 2 days even though I always wait for every 3 days. Might as well max out the amount they will send right? In case I run into these phantom "bad" pods people keep talking about.

I was using more than 200 u every three days during the last trimester of my pregnancy. More than a waste of money and time, you run through real estate very quickly. Post-partum, it all went back to normal. I feel for all of you who have to live with the 2-day-pod-switcheroo all the time!

Yeah I dont "have" to change every 2 days...but its a no brainer..same price for 2 boxes as it is for 1....

I rotate between the arms and abdomen. Tried the upper thighs but for me the absorption rate was much longer.

Some people want to use Apidra in their pods and according to the manufacturer (Sanofi Aventis) the insulin in the reservoirs/pumps should be discarded after 48 hours. I know some people also find that the sites heal a lot faster when only used for 2 days.
I tried Apidra in my pod and it died in the heat on day 3 rendering it useless. I decided to switch to Novolog for the summer and maybe switch back when it gets cooler out.
But there are a lot of people who change every 2 days - in fact in children it is recommended to change every 2 days.