How much do you pump?

I'm a T1 with a Medtronic Paradigm. I use the Bolus Wizard and don't think much about how I'm taking.

Once in a while, I check my totals:
Main Menu > Utilities > Daily Totals

My lowest daily total was 40u. My highest was 85u. Monthly avg. was about 55. The numbers surprise me.

I am curious. How much do others pump?

I use the Medtronic Paradigm as well. Average for me is 50 units per day but usually goes anywhere from 38 to 68 units, depending on what I'm eating. I've been diabetic for 50 years.

I average in the low 30s TDD with my Ping. Eating LC keeps it down.

I am averaging 62.5 units for my TDD over the last month. My high is 77 units and my low is 50 units.

I’m averaging 30u for my TDD

When I was on the pump my lowest day was about 80 units and my highest around 122 Units

I average about 25 units TDD

It always feels good to hear from someone healthy that's been diabetic longer than I have. Are your A1C's etc. good?

I'm on the OmniPod and I average about 27 units TDD.

I am on MM and average from 17-24 units per day depending on carb intake.

Yes. Latest was last month at 5.7 My control has only been great in the last 30 years though. We do the best we can right? That doesn't mean that I don't struggle like most though.

Good for you. Recently, I'm hovering around 8. Yeah, It can be tough. We've been taking about the same amount of Insulin, but it sounds like you've been doing a lot of other things right.

Average 43.575U/day, 36-53 showing on the 20 days on my pump...

Read your previous posts. Very interesting. I've had some bad pumping experiences, but trying to stick it out. How many units do you take a day, now? (if you don't mind me asking)

I seem to usually use in the mid forties with occasional excursions up to sixty and down to the mid thirties depending on what I eat and do.

I usually take about 45-55 units per day with my Ping. That is down considerably from being on MDI, where I took 65-75 combined units of Lantus and Apidra.

I’ve been Type 1 for 35 years and pumping for 7 years. I am eating lower carb these days and averaging about 50 grams carb per day. I am using about 14 units total of insulin per day. At my previous level of 120-150 grams carb per day I was averaging about 20 units per day.

I am incredibly insulin sensitive. I don’t think that there is any right or wrong in insulin totals. You take what you need. If you’re gaining unwanted weight, you should reduce your food and insulin. But other than that, take what you need.

Im 6'3 200 lbs and my average is 38 units per day. I hardly changes much, unless I have a cannula problem or I have to change the tubing mid stream or something. I allow myself 80 carbs although I often don't eat that much.My weight is fine and I find if I allow myself 80, I don't feel deprived and i don't binge at parties.

T1 for 25 years

I average about 160-180g carbohydrate / day. Probably not a good thing.