T1 pumpers' TDDs (total daily doses)

This is sort of a companion question to the current one about I:C ratios.

Knowing that insulin contributes to fat storage etc. etc., I’ve been cutting back on carbs in an attempt to lose about 10-15 pounds (I’m cutting back for other reasons as well, but that’s another topic!). I keep a close eye on my TDD numbers, which have gone from about 25-30 units per day to roughly 20 per day. I know that all sorts of varying factors contribute to insulin needs, but I’m curious to know how much insulin other T1s take. I have no idea if my TDD is “average” or below or above, and I’m not sure what sort of a daily dose will help me lose weight (I’m currently 5’7" and 150 lbs).

What’s your TDD and do you have any insulin-related weight change stories to share?


(I recall that Lantus/Levemir vs. pump regimens results in different TDDs for the same person, which is why I put “pumpers” in the subject heading, but I’m curious to hear from anyone.)

I use Apidra in my Pods and my TDD runs between 26-32. I am also 5’7" and 150lbs, and trying to lose the same: about 10-15lbs. Unfortunately due to a spinal injury I’m somewhat (not completely) limited as far as physical activity so I can no longer be a gym rat and it’s hard to lose those few pounds.

Roughly 50 units a day. However, compared to a lot of other T1s I’ve seen posting here at TuD, I seem to need double the basal rate many of them need. My I:C ratio seems more in line with other T1s…HOWEVER, I don’t go low carb. I have cut back a bit on carbs in the past few months, taking my TDD from 60ish to it’s current 50ish, but it’s still not ‘low carb’ by any stretch.

I’m a pumper myself and my total insulin useage is around 30 units a day. I’m 5’ 5" and weigh around 135. I have no idea how to lose weight b/c if I get upset I will lose like 10 pounds while I fret & fuss.

Knowing that insulin contributes to fat storage etc. etc.

Although this “fact” is thrown around a lot by low carbers (thanks to Taubes), this is actually not accepted wisdom for the majority of research scientists. Most believe that weight gain or loss is fully dependent on the number of calories you consume and the number of calories you burn. As long as you balance your food with the proper amount of insulin, it doesn’t matter whether your calories are from eating carbs or protein or fat.

I’m not a pumper, but am a T1 using MDI of Levemir and Humalog. My TDD is currently about 45. I am 6’5" and about 185 lbs. I don’t eat low carb, but do exercise regularly.

My TDD seems to run about 35-43U/ day. I am not sure about the Taubes/fat/ insulin thing although I got his book today and it seems interesting so far. A lot of what he seems to be writing suggests that weight loss trends towards the apocryphal however I was 275 lbs @ my peak and am around 185 lbs these days? This is since maybe 2006 or thereabouts so it has not been quick. I have exercised quite a bit too so I’m not sure how to interpret the remarks in the bits I’ve read so far suggesting that exercise is a waste (waist?) of time? My pre-pumping regimen was all over the place.

I also think that TDD tends to be very individual and that it may not be super useful to compare yourself to other people’s TDD? I think that it’s better to compare it to food and BG numbers.

Yes … the calories in/out explanation makes most sense to me and seems, as far as I know, to be accepted by many low-carbers.

Interestingly, though, I’ve found that by reducing my carb intake, I’m much less hungry than I am when consuming more carbs … so less likely to consume excess calories. I’m not sure about the physiological relationship between insulin and hunger, but when I mentioned to my endo that I was hungry all the time, she suggested that I was probably “over-insulinized.”

As for insulin and fat storage, I’d be interested in reading more from those in the know!

I also think that TDD tends to be very individual and that it may not be super useful to compare yourself to other people's TDD?

Oh, I agree that the comparison isn't particularly useful ... I was just curious!

My TDD runs between 19-24. I’ve been also cutting back on carbs in attempt not only to lose weight, but also to stabilize my blood sugar.
I also agree that not only carb intake is important, but mostly your calorie intake. :slight_smile:

BG stability is my other (and ultimately more important) goal as well. I’ve found that eating fewer carbs / taking smaller boluses has resulted in a smoother ride on the gluco-coaster (Bernstein’s famous law of small numbers, I guess). It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s better. I’ve seen less progress in the weight loss department — boo! — so it’s probably time I started paying more attention to calories.

I’m about 5’7", 145 lbs and my total daily units are generally about 30, maybe a few units less on some days, a few units more on others. My weight has been relatively consistent for the last 20 years… so has (unfortunately, but expectedtly) my height.

Totally agree! Since two months I’ve been really cutting on carbs and there is no weight loss. I’m only happy that the BG is way more stable than before. And that’s what matters most.