How much do you pump?

Low day was 12.xx, highest 24.xx last 50 days or so, average around 17 per day probably.

YIKES 160-180 g of carbs?? THAT is a lot even for a non diabetic skinny person.
You must eat a lot of cakes cookes and, well Maple syrup?
I find that carbs become habits. If you eat fewer for a while you wont miss them.

This is interesting, because if you look on the 'Nutrition Facts' on things, they base servings on a 2000 calorie diet, which comes to 300 g carbs/day. I think that's about what most non-diabetical people eat.

I don't think 160-180 is a lot, I eat at least that many pretty much every day.

I'm 5'10" and 150 lbs and eat about 160 net carbs per day. No cakes, an occassional 5 carb cookie and I don't remember what Maple syrup tastes like. It's more like apples, legumes, sprouted wheat bread and low fat dairy.

I'm 6'1 ~165lbs. Average daily insulin is 20.05 units (novolog, Omnipod) which includes basal. Bolus daily average is 5.94.

Pump stats for the last 4 weeks are below.

Note that the actual carb intake is a bit higher than these stats show as I don't bolus for the endless walnuts, almonds and pistachios I eat all day, so probably another ~10g/day there.

No, never. Well, maybe a cookie or something occasionally. I actually lost my taste for sweets a long time ago.

A sandwich is usually about 60g. A reasonable serving of Pasta or pizza: about 75. That's why I'm amazed people can eat 20 or 30g in a day.

I've tried cutting carbs, find myself starving all the time, despite eating handfulls of peanuts. I'm fairly skinny and active, so often correcting lows.

I'm going to try to do a better job of restrict carbs and make some changes, though.

Sounds like we eat a similar diet. Same height. I'm about 30 lbs heavier than you. I take > twice as much insulin. Interesting.

I read somewhere that the average American eats 500+ carbs! When I look back to my college days before D, I can easily see that. Although I was very active in college, I never was over 200 lbs, and I am 6’3. Now obviously I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone, D or no D, but it goes to show that depending on your activity level and metabolism, some can and needto eat more. I found that just by changing all my snack food to no/ low carb, I cut about half of my carb intake down. I probably average somewhere between 200-250 a day. I’m still honeymooning, so I do have an advantage. One day I’m sure I will go lower carb, may even try low carb, but with relative high activity, I don’t see a need in the overkill on carbs now, especially when my numbers are looking good. If I start gaining weight or losing control, I’ll start cutting back.

I could see that; including regular soda, desserts, etc.

I would encourage you to rethink your diet as well. With tight control, you may be able to preserve beta cell function. My numbers were good, too, for a few years after I was diagnosed. They went downhill fast. We know a lot more about D, now than we did then. There are many things I'd do better if I had a time machine.

I use between 30 and 40 units a day, depending on food and excersize. I have been d for 35 years, pumping with an Animas 2020 for the past 5 years.

I feel like I have tight control now. I haven’t had a follow up a1c yet, so I’m just saying that by my average readings on my meter being below 120. Even though I’m eating carbs, and keeping good control, do those carbs increase cell destruction?

I'm be curious to hear what others have to say about this. I really don't know. I'd also be tracking c-peptides, antibodies, etc. I've never had any of these tests done, myself. According to Dr. Faustman's research, we may be able to hang onto some beta cell function for decades.

My endo has said that tight control MIGHT preserve beta cells. I think there are hints out there but no definative studies.


I think the issue is that Ben's control may be pretty good, but what's left of his beta cells are probably working pretty hard to keep it that way. Will that kill them or provoke his antibodies? If he takes more insulin or eats less carbs, will they produce less?

Average tdd is in the low thirties. And I don’t do low carb diets. I bolus around 5 times a day. I use minimed.

I met with the Medtronic CDE about 3 months ago. She pulled my readings from the carelink USB, and made a bunch of changes to my sensitivity, carb ratio, and basal, for different hours, of the day. She seemed knowledgeable. The problem is that my BS's have been very erratic, since then. My set Basal varied from 0.8u - 3.0u. This seems problematic. I reset all of my settings, more or less averaged them out, removing time changes.

I'm half way through the 4th edition of Pumping Insulin by John Walsh. Everyone else seems to love it, but I'm finding it absolutely unreadable. It is like a combination of every pamphlet, brochure, instruction manual and algebra text book that I've seen. I discover about 1 useful paragraph per 50 pages. Is it just me?

I seem to be pretty stable, pumping 1.1u /hr.

kept dropping. had to bump it down to 0.9

Minimed Revel - range from 14 units (lowest on a very active day) to 30 units. Depends on level of activity and number of carbs eaten (obviously).