How much insulin do you take?

I’ve read in this book that most Type 1s (who are not honeymooning or LADA and still producing some insulin of their own) take between 0.5 to 1.0 units of insulin per kilogram of body weight. Those who need less than 0.5 u/kg are either athletes or still producing some of their own insulin (or on very low-carb diets), and those who take more than 1.0 u/kg are insulin resistant.

I know there have been posts here before about how much insulin people take, but I’m curious how many units per kilogram of body weight people take per day. I worked it out (divide total daily dose by weight in kilograms for the answer) and I’m taking about 0.68 units per kg of body weight. Curious where other insulin users (type 1 and 2) who take insulin fall, noting anything unusual such as if you run marathons or are LADA or follow Bernstein, etc.

.38 units per kg of body weight. The only thing that might be unusual is I eat a vegan diet, but it’s not low carb.

also about 0.38units per kilo. I’m not an athlete but I do run (slowly) 3 or 4 times a week with runs of at the moment up to 7 miles. I have run several half and a couple of marathons. When I’m training for longer distances I end up using a bit less insulin but I also eat a lot more carbs. Have LADA.

I was diagnosed as a child. As more people respond it would be interesting to see if there’s a difference between those diagnosed as kids versus adults (maybe people could add this in their posts).

I take approximately 0.22 units per kilo - they think I have LADA (versus T2 diagnosis at first) and still am producing some of my own insulin.

I was diagnosed when I was 30 years old.

I take about .9u/kg of body weight. I am a Type 1. Diagnosed over 18 years ago at the age of 6.

Diagnosed T1 at 53. Follow Dr. Bernstein, weigh 103 lbs. & 2.1 units per kg. I don’t think I’m insulin resistant, but I take thyroid supplementation & that increases insulin doses.

.46 u/kg

I am pretty sedentary. I do walk 8000 to 10,000 steps per day, but that is it.

I have had no c-peptide in my system at least since 1986 (D at 12yo in 1984). An endo redid the test about 2 or 3 years ago, and the results came back the same. I still didn’t have any c peptide in my system.

I think, though, it depends on how many carbs and how much protein you consume to really figure if it is right.

about 0.6 unit/kg. But too many kilograms.

I take 0.37 units per kg of body weight, dx’ed at age 26. Most unusual thing: I use a very low dose of Lantus, only 5 units/day, I:C ratio is about 1:19-1:21 most meals of the day.

Smart alec! …or do you have some top secret low carb version?

Sorry, Chad. I’d hate taking that much also, not that it’s fun taking any amount of insulin. Diabetes sucks.

I average about 0.33U/kg/day. Diagnosed Type 1 in 2008 at 49.

Type 1.5 0.43u / kG

BTW, I use U-100 humalog and Levemir.

Love your numerical humor.

I’m between 0.5 & 0.6 depending on the day, usually closer to 0.5 though (I work out a lot and watch my carbs - on days I don’t I need more insulin obviously so I try to stick to my diet)

Forgot to mention I’ve been Type 1 for 16 years and am on the pump (for the last 6 years). I’m always striving to take less insulin, but it isn’t that easy…

Type 1 dx’ed 22 yrs ago and I take .51 u per kg of body weight. I tend to eat mod. carbs It is all about portion control for me.