How much insulin do you use on a daily basis?

Right now I use Lantus at 8am in the morning 43units just started that about a month ago, and my daily consumption of Humalog is about 28 to 34 units a day. At one time many years ago it was double that but it was beef and pork insulin. And just switching from NPH to Lantus I went down 13 units a day. For me its just those curiousities in life.
I am considering the pump and meet with the nurses in the new year to see if I am a canidate. Just Wondering in Canada? Mike

Insulin needs vary a lot from person to person.

I am on the pump and use about 30 units per day (Humalog). When I was on injections, I used about the same (14 units of Lantus and 15-20 units of Novolog or Humalog).

I use a teeny tiny 3-5 units of Novolog a day. No, we don’t know why either, but it’s working for me!

Before the pump I was on 70 units of lantus and 20-25 units of humalog. Now that I am pumping I am on 50-55 units! It’s amazing how pumping will help you =)

I agree with Kristin that the Total Daily Dose (TDD) of insulin varies a lot by person.
I’m on an insulin pump and have an average TDD of 31 units (Humalog). Of this amount, an average of %57 is basal insulin.

We had a recent discussion thread and a TuDiabetes member poll this year on this topic. Check it out here.

I’m on twice daily injections of a combination of soluble and intermediate acting insulin. Before breakfast I use 16 soluble (Hypurin porcine Neutral) and 34 intermediate (Hypurin porcine Isophane), and before my evening meal it’s 16 soluble and 14 intermediate. When I’m due to exercise following my evening meal, I drop my doses down to 8 soluble and 10 intermediate to prevent hypos during and after the exercise.
Works for me!!

24-27 units of Apidra/per day

Similar to Kristin and Julie, I use an average of 31 units per day. I have a pump and so use only fast-acting insulin (Humalog in my case). About 54% of my insulin is for basal purposes, with the other 48% being boluses for either food or correction. But I would expect that (as Kristin said), it varies a lot from person to person. I’m 5’3", 125 lbs and not very active.

When I was on injections I was using 6NPH in the morning 3Humolog at supper and 3NPH at bedtime.I was having alot of problems with hypos through the night.I now use between 10-13 units in my pump.

Thanks Melissa I didn’t see that post but did go back and read it. Back in the day, (hmm, really don’t like using that phrase makes me sound old) late 80s early 90s when I was over the 200units a day mark. Could say a bit of insulin resistance don’t ya think? We are so lucky these days, we should all remember that, I do … daily! Peace…

I take 20 (give or take 5) units of Lantus a day, in the morning. And, each meal… i take about 3-4 units Humalog. So, that’s about 20 Lantus, and 15 Units Humalog. I’m starting on a pump soon, though. Which means no more Lantus.

Does anyone else ever experience this? - About 3 times now, I’ve forgotten to take my Lantus in the mornings. Strange thing is, I don’t notice a difference in my BS for the day. It seems to be the same. Does anyone else have normal BS without Lantus?

I’m on a pump and take about 26 units a day ( Humalog) with about 45% of that basal. I’m pretty active and notice that my insulin needs go up quite a bit when I don’t exercise and eat poorly. When I was following weight watchers more diligintly I was able to cut my insulin down to about 16-18 units/ day. Again that’s just me. The pump has made a huge diference for me.
Good luck !

I’m at 15-18 units a day on the pump, about 7.5 as basal. I was on 14 units lantus and about 10 units novolog when I was doing MDI. When I switched, I needed less basal, more bolus.

I pump between 25 to 31 units of humulog per day. Sometimes a lot more, sometimes a lot less, depending on how active I am and what I’m eating, and what my hormones are up to.

I inject about 12-15 units of Novolog and 18 units of Levemir daily. That’s about 120 to 150 carbs daily.

Dear Mike. About the same 40 IU Lantus per 24 hours and about 30 of novorapid for meals and to bring down highs. On a very low carb diet it would be less and if I eat less calories than I expend the consumption would be a lot less. This is for a body weight of 250 lb if I could loose weight I think the consumption would also drop. Let us know how the discussion re pump goes. For me without drug plan it is a very great expense, could possibly be worth it.

Wow- that’s awesome. my daughter uses around 9 units a day total and I thought that was a small amount. She used to require 20 units.

I am currently on 65 Lantus daily (50 night, 15 in morning) and around 45 of Novolog split between three meals. I just started this “intensive” therapy a few weeks back as a trial to switching over to pumping. I go to endo next Mon to talk about the possible switch. I am really trying hard these days-making a much greater effort to control my DM than I had in the past. My GP believes that I am an excellent candidate for the pump. Any thoughts for or against the pump for type 1.5?

I’m currently taking 78 U. Levemir at night and 30 or so U. Humalog to cover my carbs throughout the day.

I see that a LOT of folks split up their Lantus/Levemir - does that seem to make a difference? My doc said I can try that, if I want, but how do you go about splitting it up? Thx. :slight_smile:

Re: Lantus not making a difference - I’ve noticed the same effect. I discovered that Lantus usually continues to work for me for about 15 - 18 hours, rather than 12. If I went longer than that (say, skipped one day’s dosage entirely - Hey! It was an experiment! :wink: ) I would see highs after about 18 hours…

Also, it seems that a lot of folks are able to reduce their overall insulin requirements once they are on the pump… is that so? I’ve not considered the pump since my endo demanded that I give him 3 - 6 months of food logs/ charts/ etc before he’d consider “allowing” it. I SUCK at keeping lists. I check 4 - 6 times daily, calculate my carbs, bolus by injection, work full-time, and raise a child. I just don’t see time for WRITING each thing down for his appraisal. Is this really necessary (would I not be a good pump user if I can’t keep a good diary?) or is it a endo power-trip thing?