How much is it worth to you?

I’ve been a part of Tu Diabetes for about a year now. This site helps me stay focused on taking care of myself. Its the only place where I feel understood as a diabetic. I can laugh with the shared low blood sugar stories. Cry with stories of frustration over unexplained highs. I can get great advice from others who have been there and done that on the diabetic road to glory. The support I find here is priceless. I’ve been thinking about how much I’d be willing to pay to make sure that this great support net stays up and running. I’ve already given to Manny’s Help TuDiabetes campain but I’m going to give again because this community is that important to me.
I need you all to help me keep that A1C down and my spirits up.
With a current membership of 4382 people we should be able to afford to give more than the 93 cents a member that’s been donated so far. Let’s make Manny proud!

If you can, please join me in donating. The box is right over here-------------------------->

I agree 100%, Autumn. Where is everybody?

I agree!!! _____________________________________________________

Thanks Ladies. Every little bit helps.

God bless yuou Autumn

I’m completely with you - this site means the world to me. It’s great that you can pay through Paypal so it doesn’t matter what country you live in, you can still donate :slight_smile:

I agree too!

2 days is long enough to realize that this site is amazing. Glad you found us :wink:

Hey, everyone…think about it. How many times a day do you visit the site. For a lot of us, it is more than once a day. Isn’t that worth the price of a couple of movie tickets? Skip the popcorn next time and send the $$$ here. This place is sooooo worth it!!!

Hi Everyone- Currently TuDiabetes has 4,406 members (that’s amazing!) and Manny has 5 days left to raise the remaining $15,129 dollars for this site. That is less than $3.50 per member. ($3.43 to be exact.) Heck, you could probably find that much change in your couch cushions.

Would you be willing to give up your morning mocha from Starbucks to see this site stay up and running? I know I would.

Thank you, Autumn, for saying this & saying it so well. I feel as you all do. Tu D is a lifeline for many. I’ve learned more here than from my doctors & my CDE. I’m continually touched reading of our common struggles, the outpouring of support, advice & understanding. And, the humor that keeps us all going!

As Elaine said—where is everybody? Manny has provided an incredible community & Tu D should have exceeded its goal by now.

A1c down & spirits up–perfect–love it!

Thanks Gerri.
Another thing I love about this site is all the “Wow, you mean I’m not the only person who has done that or wondered about that?” moments that happen on this site. It definately takes the edge off an otherwise lonely disease.

I did it. I love reading all the comments and getting help.

I love your photo BBach. Is that someone you know or just a cute photo from the internet?

Come on everyone! Only one day left for Manny to raise the remaining $14,546 dollars for TuDiabetes.
Show your support of this great site by donating today.