How not to be afraid?

Often people come and ask me that if living with diabetes is difficult and how do I feel, although I would like to say it is not, that will be a lie because after all counting carbs, testing our blood sugar, inyecting ourselves with insulin and MAKING EXCERCISE, are sort of difficult but still I tell them that I feel lucky and confident.

One of my mom’s friends, who was diagnosed recently, once asked me:
“How’s that you’re not afraid? How can’t I be afraid?”

I said:
“Because diabetes won’t slow us down unless we stop”

Keeping this in mind, is the way I feel better with my life, I’m always trying to keep things positive, thinking in the positive things diabetes came along with is really motivating.

Some positive things diabetes brought me are:
Making me have a balanced diet.
A better care of my weight.
Making excercise a HABIT.

Let’s think of diabetes not as a desease, let’s say is just a different way to live your life, do not let it stop you cause it CAN’T!
Now’s your turn! what are the positive things diabetes came with? Leave a comment here and share it to the world! <

And remember:
Those are your reasons to keep it up and keep on going and for you not to be afraid!

I admire your positive attitude!

Well said! I have D for more than 20 years now and I have learned that I can be thankful for having D. It gives me so much more focus on the important things in life. Sometimes I am very sorry for healthy people who are displeased with their life and unwilling to change those things that trouble them - what a waste of lifetime. People I loved or liked have passed away and I had the chance to survive and live a life that is 98% normal. I mean what is a pen and a prick here and there in comparison to death? This humbleness I feel will not prevent that I have phases where I am afraid because D can be unfair. I try to remember that fear is a bad advisor and that I should cherish the good experiences on my journey.

Your positive attitude is commendable. Its a wonderful “condition” everybody with diabetes should catch =)

I really love your positive attitude, you’re inspiring! All I can say is that when I first read the title of your blog, my initial thought was, “It’s not about stopping yourself from being afraid…it’s about how you use that fear to your advantage.” I think there will be times all of us will be scared…but as you say, as long as we keep going and don’t stop, and use that fear in a productive way (eg inspiration to keep doing what’s best for ourselves) rather than letting it stop us, we’ll be fine. Plus we have each other…that’s something positive I like to take from having diabetes. :slight_smile:

i’ve been T1 for 50 years and have zero complications. in fact, i’ve never been incapacitated by a high or a low, never had a seizure, never gone to the hospital for a D-related event. i cover the white house for a major newspaper and in my spare time ref college soccer.
so … i’m convinced i’m healthier and better off because of diabetes than if i did not have it. it forces a certain clarity of thinking and proper ordering of priorities. people may find this hard to believe, but it’s true – i’ve never regretted D for a minute. it is what it is; you deal with it and live your life.

all this comments are so nice!! :smiley: I feell great!!