Don't let fear decide your fate

Have you ever sat quietly, maybe after a good book or a glass of wine and started soul searching wondering what you would have accomplished if you didn't let fear decide your fate? Obviously being a definite type A personality and always looking for the next project to conquer, or souls to save, I truly believe everyone has a calling, and they need to find it and conquer all fear that stand in the way to get there. After all, fear is the only obstacle in your way. Financials can always be figured out, doubters will always be present and sometimes those doubters are very close to you, but that nagging little inner voice that keeps telling you to move forward still rings loud and clear. Yes, life gets in the way, but that nagging voice remains, telling you to move forward, to accomplish your dreams, whatever those dreams may be. That nagging voice has come in loud and clear for me lately and with being blessed with good friends and family that share that same nagging voice who have accomplished their goals, slowly one by one, spreading positive energy, change and helping others, but have I? Wanting to reach fellow Diabetics and help them who struggle everyday with this damn disease. Believe you me, it IS a daily struggle. I could easily end it all with a simple miscalculation, but that would be a cheap cop out, wouldn't it? No, we live by example, and my example needs to be here a little longer. Still trying to figure out how to make a positive impact on this world and with being empowered with all the awesome smart, sophisticated and experienced people I am surrounded with in my journeys everyday, that positive energy is sure to hit shortly. I used to think I was alone in my journey of Double Diabetes, but I understand now that there are supporters out there rooting me on, and yet there are others who have no idea what we Diabetics deal with every day. So spreading the word that Diabetes should not be a "loner" disease and fear of being ridiculed or bullied into thinking this disease is all your fault, is not acceptable. I will continue to spread the word that with education and support, fear should not stand in your way to manage this disease. Fear will not decide my fate,will you let it decide yours?

with that attitude you probably have already influenced more people and accomplished more than you could imagine! keep the positive engery flowing and it will all work out, thanks for the inspirational post we all need some reminding that fear should not control us and if we have good intentions thing will come to fruition. best of luck making your dreams come true! amy

Thanks Amy! Same to you!

I agree Kelly, if i had listened to every naysayer, i would not have any kids (i have 2 boys) and prob be a disability, depressed by this disease. i believe diabetes makes one very mentally tough, which can be a positive in other aspects of your life too.