How old is the meter you are using?

It’s not usually difficult to score a free meter from the companies or good-hearted folks like you :-), but my worry is how will they afford the test strips. Seems to me that the meters are the least of their worries! :frowning:

There is a place that somehow scores strips and other diabetic supplies for re-distribution to those who are in need. It is called Diabetic Supply Rescue. Their website is: Te operator’s name is Rachel, and I have had some good conversations with her, and I believe them to be a legitimate outfit. It seems to me that they have strips for most meters in stock, their service is reasonable and their prices are affordable for those who are strapped for cash and still need to manage this disease.

Brian, thanks for the info, I will contact them…

Three ultra mini one Touches (purse, table, and evacuation case) are less than a year old. The backup Aviva is 4. I’ve changed its battery.
interestingly the ultra minis all give a diff number when I test! I have #27s showing up on the meter, taken out of a #25 can! Not always, just sometimes! Asked in an email, and no response. Lifescan on vacation.

Natalie, thanks for the reply, I am thinking in terms of getting any and all diabetic supplies donated, then distributing them to the those who are in NEED. including strips etc…whatever I can beg or borrow to pass on to those in need…
I am fortunate for now, I have insurance, but do remember the thought of NOT having it and what would I do…? I am not sure how to get this started or how much time and work would be involved…but I would sure like to give it a try…and pay it forward.

Hah:) about 1 yo…only because I tend to lose them and end up getting a new one;) I also have several on hand. Tend to lose them when I am traveling.

mine is OLD, but not sure how OLD, have changed many batteries, it is a freestyle lite. I have many meters still in packaging as well, and I have a replacement freestyle still in a box in case this one dies as I have boxes of strips. I am afraid of changing anything. Will keep using until it no longer works, just like my lancets. :slight_smile:

My meter is a teenager…

IT LIES… ALL THE TIME. (sic deliberately) Often even when its telling its version of the “truth”… it is just not quite accurate. The meter itself is relatively new… but regardless rarely correctt, candidly. Meter itself is maybe 10 months old… not a fan.

I have two meters.Both are Lifescan One Touch meters. One is about 6 years the other is 3months. The older meter is still working fine I keep it in my work vehicle Does anybody know how heat affects a meter and test strips I worry that I might not be getting an accurate read. Come to think of it I have third meter its an old One Touch Basic and is probally 15 years old. I haven’t used it in years but it was still working fine the last time it was used. I probally should throw this one away

I don’t know what effect heat has on meter strips. the One-Touch box claims that they should be stored at temperatures below 86 degrees F. I do know that if strips freeze they don’t work, even after they thaw, so I am very careful about keeping them between 40 and 80 degrees. At over a buck a piece, I can’t afford to waste them.

I have a 5 year old One Touch Ultra. I have been using it since I was diagnosed.

I wouldn’t keep ANY diabetes supplies in your truck. They all have chemicals in them, and who knows how they are affected by the heat. And it can get to 120 degrees or higher in the summer inside the compartment. Being a woman, I keep everything in my purse, but maybe you could get a backpack or something so you could keep your stuff with you? And I WOULD be nice to have it with you if you need it instead of having to go back to the truck when you’re low and unreliable! :slight_smile:

Unfortunatly I have no choice but to store them in my truck. I’m a service technician for a utility company and my truck is my office. I’m outside most of the day in this near 100 deg heat we’ve been having so a backpack would not work either. I do keep my strips and insulin in an insulated lunchbox with a couple of ice packs. I have been sucessful so far in keeping them within the correct range. I worry most about the effect the heat has on my test meter. I have no choice but to keep it in the truck. I can’t keep it in the lunch box because of the humidity that gathers in the cool lunchbox on a warm and humid Tennessee day. Even if I keep it in a waterproof container it will still fog up as soon as the humidity hits it. I’m sure thats not good for the electronics inside.

I have one in my car, one in my boyfriend’s car, one in my desk at work, and one here at home. I may have more somewhere else, but I’m not sure. I’m a meter nut too :slight_smile:

(The ancient 6 year old UltraSmart is the one in my boyfriend’s car)

I keep a meter (and strips) in my car and in my boyfriend’s car. I’ve never noticed issues with the reliability of the strips, even though I have to park my car outside (in the heat, in the cold, etc). The only time it didn’t work was when the meter itself got too cold and I got a message about how the meter was too cold to operate at that time. But I’ve never gotten a really unexpected reading with them. Maybe I’m playing with fire, but I don’t always carry a purse because I’m the lady who always LOSES her purse…so it’s keep them in the car or risk not having them around at all.

I’ve never had a meter “run out” on me, or become inaccurate with time (to my knowledge). I have several, and the oldest is probably about 5 years old. It’s seemed like pretty sturdy technology for a long time… in my experience.

Hi Aimee. I use the same method of eliminating meters, but unfortunately I’ve had to toss some brand new ones. The acid test – they have to match up with how I feel.

I have to trust my meter. Therefore, the three that I use have to come close to each other, and all of them have to match how I feel. If I know very well that I’m confused, therefore low, my meters have to tell me I’m low. If they try to tell me something else, they are useless – first and foremost, they have to match my feelings so that I can trust them. That’s the acid test!

So far it seems as though the avg age is about 5 yrs…I have never had one “break” of course the accuracy leaves much to be desired…all the replies have been interesting…

" I am a confirmed METER NUT"
I don’t own 12 YET, so I cannot go on the 12 step program…

My One Touch Ultra Smart is at least 5 years old. I have never had a problem with it. Picked up the mini this last year but not my favorite.