How often do you change batteries in your meter

I “just” found out that I need to change the batteries in my meter every 6 months…now that’s a new one to me. I never thought about it. But as the meter gets used more often, as my has in the last year, of course the “juice” will go out of the battery. AND give you false readings, either too high or too low. Also, when you replace one, you need to do both, and make sure they are the same time. You learn something every day.

I don’t replace mine until it dies. I test so much that my battery doesn’t last 6 months.

Type 2 here…on average I test about 3 to 4 times a day only. Except on occasions that Im not feeling well or I ate something new. Furthermore, I have a separate meter used for home, car, and a diabetes pouch which I bring with me everywhere. (talk about OC!) So the battery life of my meter usually last more than a year (longer sometimes). I normally change them at least every 8 months.

Why didn’t I know this? Amazing, cause I have had my meter for three years, and never thought to change batteries. I have a pencil one that takes watch batteries and my Ultra 2 ---- no one ever told me to make sure to change those batteries for a better reading or a more accurate one, is a better way to say it. Gosh, do I feel dumb.

haha i dont need to worry then because i usually lose, smash or drop mine in water every six months.

Nahh…we just find out and learn new things everyday!

Boy that sounds like my cell phone…I just found out recommendations say that like our smoke detectors, when you change the battery there, change your meter batteries, unless you see a real difference…don’t rule out low energy in your meter. Nice to know. I’m getting mine for Christmas!

as I test 12-18 times a day, even with a CGMS - my batteries didn’t last long in my old meter. I’m now using the new bayer contour usb I just have to charge it, I’ve only had it 2 days so I’m not quite sure how often it will need to be charged.

Wouldn’t’ it be great if someone ivented a rechargeable meter? You plug it in at night, like a cell phone, and it’s ready for the next day! Why don’t’ one of you very talented inventors get on that? Me, I’ll have to go with the ER Bunny.

the bayer meter is rechargeable… Bayer Contour USB

I use the OneTouch meter/remote with my Animas Ping insulin pump. Your post made me wonder about accuracy with regard to a low battery condition, especially since I use the meter to calibrate my continuous glucose monitor.

Here’s what I found in the meter booklet:

Low meter remote battery

WARNING Low Meter Batteries! [warning graphic not fully copied here]

When this message appears on the screen, the batteries are low and should
be replaced as soon as possible. The backlight will no longer turn on.
You can complete about 100 more BG tests from the time this symbol first
appears if you are using alkaline batteries.

ALARM Meter Batteries! [Alarm graphic not fully copied here.]

When this message appears on the screen, you cannot test, enter data in
your meter remote logbook, use your meter remote to access pump
functions, or use the FastFacts® feature. You must replace the batteries
before using your meter remote.

So, I’m interpreting this to mean that I can depend on the accuracy (such as it is!) until the meter tells me to change the batteries. This meter prefers the more expensive lithium AA size so I’ve just changed when the meter complains.

Thanks for raising this point.

Cool, We don’t have that kind available, so I was totally unaware, I might have to check that out. Thanks

Thanks Terri, for the info. I guess I am going by my smoke/monoxide detectors, also. Sometimes they don’t always work in telling you when the battery is low ---- and thus are great about that…so I’d rather change mine every 6 months, unless of course it tells me differently, like more often.

where are you at? we have them here in NC - you can order them online and some pharmacies will order it for you (mine did)

I just checked my meter booklet (Freestyle Lite) - no mention of replacing battery every 6 months - but still - maybe it’s a good idea to just get into the habit - as I rely on my meter so much! BTW, mine takes watch batteries as well, pick them up for under $1CDN at a little PC store I frequent. I always carry a spare in my meter case, just like I do with my insulin pump, just incase.

Cathy - I’m doing my smoke detectors this w/e - in time for the holidays - when the turkey starts to sizzle (I have a smoke detector for the kitchen - and it still has a tendancy to go off when I open the door - but not as much when I had a “regular” smoke detector).

NESouth Dakota in the boonies…honestly, we do a lot of online shopping from here.

go to that website I provided previously, There’s a link to order it from and :slight_smile:


A correction to my comment above: my meter uses alkaline batteries. It’s my pump that prefers the lithium batteries!