When should you replace your meter? Do they have a time limit?

I was wondering the same thing! I’m looking forward to reading what people say … thanks for asking :smiley:

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I’ve usually heard a year but I’ve used them longer that that without any noticeable change in consistency or reliability.

I’ve owned a few for years… they get replaced when they are either lost or broken. Sometimes you can catch the minis for free at CVS after a sale and coupon… haven’t seen that in a while though…

I replace when technology changes or a meter goes crazy - bad values.
Time limit?? Batteries need to be changed every so often.

Cost - Most of the endos and a large number of family practice doctors have freebies to give out in their sample closets. ASK. I do not believe I have purchased a meter except for my copay on my Ping pump/meter/remote since about 1990. I also ask for calibration solution once a year and test my Ping meter and my backup meters (3 of them).

Learn who the local meter representatives are. Ask for comps. Every penny counts.

That is really good to know! I had no clue about the calibration solution … I will ask for that at my next apt. You’re right, it never hurts to just ASK. The worst thing that can happen is they say no LOL Thanks for the info :smiley:

Yes, Thanks for the info. I haven’t used the solution in ages to test my meter (s). I have problems with my lancet pens. I tend to break them often. In about three years I have managed to break about 4 of them. =(

For what it's worth my UltraSmart is like 6 years old and still going. Gives me results consistent with my other meters. Had to replace batteries recently, but no issues with it's reliability.

That is good to know Kari. I guess I should bring out my good old Ultra One Touch. ( just in case ) I have a bad habit of leaving electronics in my car during the winter. Like my phone and my meter. I should see if changing the battery would give it a lift.