How pumping is going for US!


Well everyone this was by far the best choice I have ever made in my life her numbers are good even when she was sick (sick mang. is totaly different) I love this. Shelby took to it very easy with no real issues!!! (I was Shocked) But things are going well . . now that I have had a little over a month to figure things out we have done all kinds of fun stuff to hide her pump!!! She will not wear a pump pack even though I bought 3 of them she says they are to bulky and she does not like they pull on her pants … .so thank god i sew. I have done a few things for bed time we bought so BOY shorts that are cotton that have deep pockets which she wears to bed and then if she has a dress on (MOST OF THE TIME she is a girly girl) I took 2 pair of her underwear and sewed them together arond the edges so it will not fall out( like a hidden pocket) then just tuck it in and we have not had any issues.She sleeps much better with it on then I did. And her issues with going to the bathroom are not as bad because the tube is longer on her then it was on me she go’s all by herself. But I am really happy with this choice I really feel like i have my daughter back and it makes me pround. She is also now able to do her finger stick alone. I only change the lancet for her so things all and all are getting better!!!



We keep Riley’s pump in pockets that are sewn to the inside of his waistband. If you’d like me to email you pictures of what it looks like I’d be glad to.

I’m glad to hear that pumping is going well. The first few months I wanted to pull my hair out. We had a lot of highs. But, now, we’ve been pumping for 17 months and I can’t imagine how we’d manage on shots now.

Again, if you have any questions or feel the need to vent, send me a message.