We made it!

Well we made the switch without (so far) very many issues. Alex and I went for pump training on Thursday (August 30). My husband was out of town so just the two of us went but he said it was mostly for the two of us anyway because he already knows all about it from his. Alex and I were talking the night before and as we were headed to the Dr and decided that we were both excited yet a little nervous. It went better then we both expected and aside from my husband and I being a little tired from the middle of the night checks everything is going well. Alex has only experienced one low, Friday at school, and a few highs but for the most part his numbers have been good. PHEW!!!!

glad the adjustment went so smoothly there are usually a few more bumps in the road! adjusting basals and all, what type of pump did you choose? how old is alex? he looks adorable and at a good age for learning and adjusting so in some ways you can consider yourself lucky! my son was diag at 10 and started pumping at 12 now at 14 he is getting more and more independent which can be good and bad as us can imagine, but mostly good honestly. just wanted to send a congrats shout out to you, good job mom, alex and dad! amy

Amy - Alex is 6 and we chose the Medtronic pump. Alex wanted the Omnipod for various reasons but the insurance co denied that one so he chose the same pump that my husband has "except daddy's isn't blue". I know that there are a few more bumps in the road but very glad that so far so good. He is learning things very quickly although he isn't allowed to push buttons on the pump right mostly because he is still learning to read but is very eager to know how it works. Thank you!

i'm happy for you that he is adjusting so well, to be honest sticking with a pump you guys were familiar with was probably a smart choice, it is nice that jacob has been able to swim with his pod and he likes it and honestly all our "issues" have mostly settled out but i suspect tubed pumps are slightly more reliable so don't feel like you missed out on the omnipod, i guess a pump is a pump and there are pros and cons to all choices. if you are anything like me, if alex is happy and adjusting so are you! bet wishes and good luck with school start up! amy