We Got Our Pump!

Hi, everyone just wanted to let you know we got the pump this morning at 9:50 am. And then we had a trial, the teacher got here at 10:30 am so I had just enough time to open it. It went so well!!! It is much easyer then I ever thought. The teacher was wonderful and it was not hard at all. I am wearing the pump for 3 days to know what Shelby will have to go through and I have my infusion set in my stomach this is my second set the first was in the back of my arm. And let me tell you what I can't feel it at all in my stomach!!!!! I always knew it was in my arm but my stomach is sooooo different!!!!!! Anyways Shelby get's it put on Sunday and then Tuesday we switch it to insulin SO WISH US LUCK "I am soooo much more excited NOW!!!!!!!!!"

This is great news! Wow - it’s great they have you wear it first. I bet that helps to make you a bit less anxious. Good luck - as JB said - keep us posted… :slight_smile:

That’s great Korin!

Congrats! Your life will be changing so much, you will wonder how could you ever live without it! :slight_smile:

Wow!! I am excited for all of you! I’ll be playing the same game as Shelby next month. Can’t wait!