How do you carry your Dexcom for Workouts!

Happy 2013! With the resolutions upon us, how do you carry your dexcom when working out? Also, would love to know other sites people use to insert their sensors? Make 2013 YOUR year!

I have a SpiBelt and clip the leather case that came with my Dex to the strap of the belt. Easy to put Dex in the for runs and easy access when I want to check it. For things like softball, I just put Dex in the SpiBelt.

I always where the sensor on the backs of my upper arms. My wife has to do the insertion, but it works great there. I completely forget they are there.

I have a belt clip or I put it by my stuff I can be 20 feet away.

With the cold weather, I find the interior pockets of my running jackets to be the perfect size. I also try to find running pants that have hidden pockets. With the stretch materials, the G4 is accommodated easily. In warmer weather I slip it into the armband I use for my iphone. It's stretchy and can accommodate both the iphone and the G4. If I'm desperate, it goes in my jogging bra - it's good to be a girl! ;)

I wear my sensor in my lower back/upper tush area. I'm a stomach sleeper so it is highly uncomfortable to use my stomach - especially with the higher profile of the G4.

That is a great idea for insertion points. I am definitely going to try the upper arm, that seems much less irritable. THANKS!

Well, I move to Canada in couple weeks, so I may need to start running with jackets! Yes I hear you on the stomach sleeping, can be tough with the sensor. thanks!

Happy 2013 to you too! I wear my sensor in my arm and have a bunch of different places for the receiver. On the treadmill or elliptical, I place the receiver on the "dash board" so I can watch it the whole time without fumbling around. I've worn a SpiBelt for outdoor runs but I'm not as enthralled with it as others seem to be. I try to wear workout gear with pockets when possible.
Also I do the arm insertions myself most of the time which can be a little tricky. I'm a righty and find putting it in my left arm much easier. Here's a photo of where I tend to place it on arm: and this is a post with a video link by Kim Vlasnik which I found really helpful the first time I tried an arm site solo

I like the behind the arm site. Thanks for the video and link! That would be much better. I am rather lean though, with not much to pinch on the back of my arm if anything? you think that will be an issue with accuracy or if it will even work?

Well I'm not sure (I definitely have an arm pinch), but some people wear theirs on the outside of there thigh too...