How to control stress?

How to control stress? My husband has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and I need to find ways to reduce stress to keep my blood sugars down. I would love your feedback.

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Very sorry to hear about your husband! Stress-management is pretty personal and varies wildly, but I can share three things that work for me:

  1. I walk or bike to work at least four days a week. Walking is the best of the two, since it takes me about a half an hour; I walk through a University arboretum, and I find it quite a nice way to start the day.

  2. I work out three to five days a week. Heavy weights, HIIT, and long rides or hikes for cardio when I have the chance. I’m not sure there is anything better for blood pressure!

  3. I sort of do a half-assed version of meditation, or something as close to it as I can manage. Concentrate on breathing and relaxing, etc. Lots of guides online, and even though it always seemed hokey to me, I tried it and waddya know, it works.

Those three things work quite well for me, although I know other folks have different ideas. I can usually measure my stress-level using BG as a proxy: I tweaked my back and haven’t worked out as much during the last month, and my BG is running about 10 mg/dL higher at any given time than “normal.” Stress-relief is important for me!

Thanks David 49!!!
That Is three great ideas. I think I am going to give them a try.

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In addition to @David49’s great suggestions, I’ve found adequate sleep to be a critical component to keeping stress at bay. My best tactic is to climb into bed about 30 minutes earlier than normal and reading until I’m sleepy. That almost always means my sleep time will be enough. Going to bed later with the idea of sleeping later does not work for me. My body will naturally awake at the “usual” time even if I’ve slept fewer hours than usual. Everyone needs different amounts of sleep. I find I do best getting 9+ hours each night yet 8 hours is a sufficient minimum.

Good luck!