How to cover sensor Dexcom G6 when taking a shower?

Hello everyone,
I have Type 1 diabetes and wearing sensor from Dexcom G6, would you please advise me what is the best way to protect my sensor when taking a shower and how long I have to take a shower with a sensor.

Thank you.

No need to cover sensor or transmitter. The transmitter is waterproof. Pat sensor dry with a towel after showering/bathing or swimming don’t rub at it when sensor is wet because that could weaken the bond with your skin.

If you are having issues with adhesion then products Skin-tac will usually resolve that or sensor over tapes that you can get directly from Dexcom for free or purchase on Amazon.

What are you trying to protect your sensor from? Many of us soak sensors, that is we apply a new sensor onto our skin up to 24 hours before inserting the transmitter and we take our showers, go swimming, etc without taking any additional actions. If you ever remove your transmitter from a sensor you are wearing, you will most likely see that the base of the sensor and the contacts are wet or at least damp from the last time they came in contact with water. Water does not affect performance of sensor or transmitter.

You can take a shower until you feel clean. I wash my hair every day in the shower and do use the blow dryer to dry sensor area for about 30 seconds when I dry my hair but that is to help dry the sensor adhesive faster which helps it adhere to skin longer without any additional patches, or skin tac.

You don’t cover it. The electronics are totally waterproof. It is designed from the get-go to get wet. The sticky pad of the sensor is designed to breathe to let sweat out and water in and out.

The sensor is fine as long as the transmitter is locked into it. Of course, the receiver is not waterproof in any way.