Is the G6 sensor water resistant?

Is the G6 sensor water resistant enough to get it wet in the shower? I’m worried it won’t work as well so I haven’t gotten it wet yet.

Absolutely. No CGM company expects you to not take showers. You can go swimming or into a sauna just be sure to blot the tape dry after getting it wet but don’t rub it dry just pat. I don’t know if the Eversense transmitter is waterproof because the posts I’ve seen about it mentions taking the transmitter off for showers but the Dexcom, Libre and Medtronic CGM’s are all multiple day wear that assumes you are going to get it wet at some point.

Thank you! Good to know

You can use products like skin-tac and hypa-fix adhesive tape to reinforce. Or call Dexcom support for free G6 overlay patches.

As long as the transmitter is attached, you are ok.

Yes it is fine getting wet! The adhesive patch itself is pretty much transparent to water. It is more like cloth and less like plastic. It gets wet and dry just like your skin does no problem. Water also goes in and out through vent holes designed into the patch and the plastic carrier.

If it was water tight then all your sweat would accumulate under the patch and it would stink when you took it off after 10 days. It’s not water tight so it breathes air and water and sweat.

Thank you for that info. It’s going to make showers much easier! :rofl: