How to Donate Old Pumps?

Hi All -

I have an Animas 1200 pump that I’m not using any more since I upgraded and I was wondering if anyone knew of a good way to donate it to a needy child? I hate that it’s just sitting around. I had it replaced under warranty right before my upgrade so it’s almost brand new.


Jigger, here’s a page we have under “Resources” on the top banner. ou might want to check out ipump and the Charles Ray III Groups listed there.

There is a current post under the Animas Pump Users group of someone looking for a donation for a child.

I do not know where you are, but how about contacting your country’s diabetes association and ask them if they know of any way that you can donate? Or contact Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust, based in UK, but I do know they are always campaigning for patient choice and also ask for spare equipment for donating to third world countries. They will have the details. Their website is or you could e:mail them direct They are a brilliant organisation that offers support and campaigns for, among other things patient choice in care and insulins. I am convinced that my life was saved by them when local diabetes places had closed the doors to me.