Looking for an Animas Pump

Hi, all. I’m mom to 10-year old Alexandra, a T1 diagnosed about 3 years ago. We live in Ghana, W. Africa. Some of you might know me from the CWD forums.

Well, Alex uses an Animas 1250 pump, donated by a mom whose child was dx with T1 but it turned out it was monogenic D so he didn’t need the pump. She gave it to Alex. Other CWD parents donated cartridges and insets and I’ve got enough to last for at least 2-3 years. The pump, on the other hand, is a concern, with a crack in the battery housing that I’m holding together with crazy glue and a prayer. It does still work, knock wood, but for how long?

That being said, does anyone have, or know anyone that has, an Animas pump that they’re not using, maybe it’s a back up or they’ve gone back to MDI or whatever.

I know the chances are remote, but two friends from CWD were ready to give me an older MM except that they’re not compatible with the cartridges/insets. So, I figured if there were people with an MM pump sitting in their drawer, maybe they’ll be someone around with an Animas.

I have seen a Ping on sale for $650 elsewhere, but money is tight and I thought I’d try asking first.

Thanks for reading.


Barb -

I have an Animas 1250 that I don’t need anymore. I replaced it under warranty right before I got my new pump so it’s brand new. Email me at jenndsc@gmail.com and we’ll talk about the details.

:slight_smile: Jennifer

I recommend that you contact the american diabetes association or jdrf, they usually can help. Or contact children with diabetes, they can probably help. If I hear of any thing I’ll let you know. Keep in contact with me.