how do i safely secure a pod i am wearing on the back of my arm? i often hit it on the door or wall and knock it off.

do you think they will ever come out with new pod colors other than white?

Yea I knock them off a lot, it's super annoying. When I wear them on my arm I experimented with cutting off the bottom strip of a t-shirt and wrapping it around my arm sort of like a bandage; I used velcro tape to keep it in place. It works pretty well but it does make my arm way more thick so it's a little annoying to wear a shirt over it. Try using a thin fabric and keeping it tightly secured and it works pretty well. If you knock it off partially try using this double-sided tape, it def holds it in place until your next pod swap - .

I found the best place is wearing them on my lower back, more to one of my sides, if you position it right you wont be rubbing against it while sitting in a normal office chair. It just feels the most out of my way and out of view. I also sleep on my stomach, otherwise it's gonna be a little annoying to sleep on for sure.

I would be interested in other colors if they had them, seems like a good business idea ;) . I would wear a black one if they had them. Some how kind of cool to be a cyborg, haha.



I used to have the same problem with knocking off or the pod faling off my site. I resolved that probelm with using a liquid adhesive called SKIN TAC, and also use what I call my backup KINESO TAPE. I have been using this combination for over a year now and have not had one come off since. Yes colors would be cool, I to am kinda tired of the plan ol white.

Try wearing it more towards the front of your arm or the back of your arm rather than centered. Basically in a spot that if you lay on that arm you’re not laying on the pod. I knocked off quite a few and got a couple snagged in the car door before I clued into that one. Hurts like a bugger when they get ripped off!

I use some Coban to wrap the Pod. Works well for me.

Definitely try the Coban wrap. CVS and Walgreens sell their own generic versions of it if you want to save a few $. For example:

My 6 year old son wears the pods and is super active. He prefers to wear it on his arm. We buy foam tape (nexcare water proof tape) and wrap it a couple of times, helps keep it in place well. Colors would be cool!

How about basic SKIN colors for those of us who are older and just don't want the Pod to be quite so visible under white tee-shirts or other white shirts? I am sure that if cosmetic companies can come up with basic skin colors for all races, that Pods could be made to match.

Until colored Pods come out, though, have fun with stickers. I forgot to put a Santa sticker on my Pod over the holidays, but I have snowflakes for January, hearts for February, shamrocks for March... and smiley faces for when I am feeling down. I could see skull and crossbones for children who want to play at being pirates, or group logos for those into music. Generally no one sees my Pods, but when I look in the mirror and see a smiley face looking back at me, the reflection does make me smile. A friend keeps me in good supply of the smiley faced stickers. I may actually use one of those when I go through airport security in March! If I can make the person smile as she does the inevitable pat-down, maybe the day will go better for everyone.

It may not work for everyone, but I have purchased large 6" sweat bands from nike and under armour and I simply place them over the pod when I have it on my arm. I always wear short sleves to cover the sweatband because I do not want to look like a fool. But as long as the pod is high enough on my arm the wristband works very well. If you have very large arms this may not work but for most it might be a possibility. This works well for me especially when I am playing basketball or working out. When I have it on my midsection I purchased some skin tight under armour heatgear and that helps to keep the pod tight against my side. Something to think about.

My very active 13 yr old son wears the pod on the backs of his arms and his abdomen. At first he was knocking them off of his arms all the time. From other group members we learned about putting clear Opsite Flexifix tape (from Edgepark) over the pod. Its very thin and he doesn’t have any discomfort with it. We use a piece about 3"x6". This works great.

I’ve only been on the Omnipod for about a week… and I’m constantly worried about knocking it off. Hit it on the driver’s seat of my car twice today. Luckily it’s still in place. Think we have something like that Coban wrap in the house… will give it a try.

After having the pod for a couple weeks now, I’m less worried about knocking it off. I have the hardest time actually getting the thing off my arm each change. I’ve had my wife actually pull the pod off the adhesive backing first and then try to get the adhesive off my arm. I’ve ordered some Unisolve pads and Bard Barrier wipes but they haven’t arrived yet - hopefully they’ll help.

Just changed my Dexcom for the first time today and it came off without any problem at all… maybe Omnipod should use the same adhesive pads that Dexcom does:P