How to make sensor last longer?

Just got new G4. How do you put the transmitter into existing sensor on body for 2nd week of use?

Hi Catiuvr,
You don’t have to remove the transmitter! On the receiver, just stop sensor, and then start it again. In two hours it will ask you to calibrate and you’re done!

As a newbie ...I am confused by the question ...MHO : transmitter stays , existing sensor stays ...just start a sensor as done in the first day this the correct response ???

Yep, it's that easy!

Thanks. I thought you had to wipe it with alcohol. I guess that's on the initial insertion. $%@& it! Any suggestions for getting it in or should I just start over? Live and learn.

opsite flexfix tape helps hold it on…amazon

i've seen this done too

There are some times when I get extended periods of ??? after a shower or swimming. I know this is because water has gotten underneath the transmitter and is impeding the signal. This is the only time I ever take the transmitter off of a sensor that has already been placed. I pry it off wipe it dry and just clip it back in firmly into the sensor.
The dangers in taking the transmitter off of an existing sensor is you could potentially lose the sensor wire, or you could potentially get an infection.

I would just start a new one at this point:)

Once out, the air will mess it up so you have to start over.

Actually there are more reasons why you get the ???. For instance, there is a LOT of metal in many showers walls and doors etc etc. All this impedes the signal getting out of the shower to the receiver. Plus, where is the receiver while you are showering? Is it near or far?

Here is a great video showing how to USE the onsite!!!

There is a lot to reply to on this thread:

1) As I posted below, I think this video is INCREDIBLY helpful on solving the 'adhesive problem' when you want to use a sensor for more than one week.

2) I'm a very active person, and at the gym I enjoy a jacuzzi. The only time I have received ??? is when I go into the jacuzzi and the G4 is in a locker. I have found that after a while (half an hour or an hour), it goes back to normal operation. . .so I would suggest giving it a solid period of time before scrapping it and starting a new sensor.


3) I've been diabetic for more than 40 years, and I only use a G4, not a pump, so I have given shots all this time: I think alcohol swabs are a way for alcohol swab companies to make money. I stopped using them completely about 25 years ago. I AM NOT A DOCTOR AND THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE, but I say 'forget alcohol swabs' unless you are already bleeding. . .

5) I would never remove just the transmitter and leave the insertion still in me. It just seems like a whole lotta work. I was told to 'live my life' with the G4, so I say swim, jacuzzi, etc, and then just give it some time after that to see if it goes back to normal.


"???" definitely indicates a problem with the sensor itself or with the calibration, not an interruption of communication between the transmitter and receiver. There is a "no antenna" symbol for that. :)

I agree on all of the above Lawdawgz!!! And the video is really good!! I just shared it around the various sites I post about living with diabetes!! Thank you!! I'm still new to the Dexcom - and lucked in at the #duncon (diabetes unconference) with having some expired sensors given to me. I'm sharing one of the boxes I was given to another Canadian gal (here we don't have coverage for them ... we pay out of pocket ... but it's worth giving up a meal out / cup of coffee here ... to be able to use these great inventions!). Like you, the G4 will be very handy when I take my pump break (I was injecting 41 years prior to giving the pump a go - due to the type of work I do in educating ... I still like both ways of controlling ... and am lucky I can switch back/forth with not much of a hiccup).