G4 and Showering

Every time I shower with my G4 the sensor ends up going "awol" for approx. two hours. The sensor seems to be connected accurately as throughout the rest of the day it provides accurate readings. Any suggestions or help how to prevent it from going "awol" would be appreciated. Thanks!

It might be that the transmitter is not firmly seated in the sensor allowing some water to seep in. Eventually that water dries and you get decent readings until it gets wet again. When this happens to me I usually shut down the receiver, remove the transmitter from the sensor, check the back and if it is wet I dry it with a towel or wipe it with an alcohol prep, and return it to it's place in the sensor firmly. This has only happened to me once or twice and I was a bit leery about taking the transmitter out but it certainly helped the problem. Good luck.

It appears to be in firmly as the rest of the day I get accurate readings. But, I believe you are correct in the water seeping in. Is it necessary to turn off the receiver before removing the transmitter and drying it? Also, it seems a little painful to do this every time I shower.

I have had the sensor freak out after a shower, as well. I too noticed a few drops of water underneath the transmitter when I removed it. Interestingly, this happened during the one week where I wasn’t using Hypafix tape, which I’ve started using again and no more problems. I don’t tape over the sensor-just around the edges. HTH

I generally hit the "shutdown" button - not the "stop sensor" button. Shutting it down is easy to reverse you just push the center button on the receiver and it starts right up again. It might be worth using some type of tape - I use Opsite Flexifix to surround the sensor. And yes it could be painful although I haven't found it to be that bad. Where do you have the sensor placed ? I have mine on my thigh so it's easy to reach and manipulate the 2 pull tabs to release the transmitter.

I have noticed that every time I take a hot shower, my G4 readings spike up immediately (no delay, unlike food or insulin) and then crash after I'm all dry.

I've tested this many times, by taking showers where I make sure the water doesn't hit my G4.

I don't know if that is related to your problem (are your showers particularly hot?) but I haven't found a way around it yet (and I use Hypafix tape :-)

I have it on my stomach.

LOL. I didn't know you could pop it out and in again. Also did not know about the 'shutdown'. I thought it killed the sensor like 'stop' does. Thank you. Love this group!! ♥

Me too. Always. And use flexfix (4 strips) after the first week.

Have you considered not showering!?! :)

That's constructive Mike :)

Ellie - Dexcom doesn't as a general rule recommend removing the transmitter and replacing it while it is still attached to your body. But they also don't recommend any location besides horizontally on your abdomen and they don't recommend using a sensor for any more than 7 days. Shutdown completely turns the entire system off so you will not get any readings. Popping off the transmitter can sometimes extend sensor use because things can get stuck underneath there and interfere. I have pulled one off and found some dog fur under which was messing with the signal. As soon as it was gone I got another week of good readings out of the sensor.

As soon as you began using the Opsite Flexifix did the receiver stop loosing the transmitter?

I believe "shutdown" only shuts down the controller, and doesn't do anything to the sensor. I may be wrong on that though...

Seems to be similar to why they recommend diabetics not use hot tubs, as that causes the BGs to fluctuation heavily.

They are of average temp and average length.

I have had this happen occasionally when I showered in a low volume shower. The water pressure is higher and hit with more force, so more likely to penetrate. Also seemed to matter if the narrow end was up vs the wider end. I use mine vertically on upper arm.

Don't know if orientation applies in your situation. If I avoid a direct hit I don't have problems. I do use opsite flexfix from day one of placement. I have an old sensor bed I use as a template. Keeps the sensor from moving, which for me seems to be the main reason I have failures. At present I can run a sensor for 3-4 weeks before I need to change - usually due to the sensor dislodging. So far have not seen the dreaded ???

i'm on day 15 of my very first sensor. the first few showers with it i had the same issue. but my receiver was in the kitchen and i was showering in the bathroom. i then brought the receive into the bathroom with me so it was closer. since then i haven't had any issues. i've also taped around the sensor using the optite flexifit tape. not sure if that's helping too, but you might try it.

This is an interesting subject. Thanks to all. I have had trouble after a shower a few times and have never thought to check the transmitter underbelly and have wondered about shut down vs stop sensor. As I was reading, I was wondering if people who are fairly thin have tried the sensor on the thigh or arm. I am 5'6 and weigh somewhere around 123. I keep thinking I will hit muscle or that the shower would hit it harder than it does on my stomach or that I would more easily rub it off w a towel.....Any thoughts? Also please describe exactly where on thigh or arm........

Hey Kimball, I am 5'8" tall and weigh 138 and I wear the sensor on my thigh almost exclusively. I have not hit muscle, the sensor is really comfortable and I don't notice it at all. If I put my hand in my jeans pocket I can feel the top of the sensor on the outside of my hip where there is a little bit of fat.