Using 2 G5 Transmitters, Would This Work?

Like many people, I insert a new sensor and let it “soak” for a day before using it. That is one way to avoid much of the inaccuracy of a new sensor for the first 24 hours of use.

For example, before my current sensor is finished and while it is still operating, I insert a new sensor and put a used transmitter in it. So for 24 hours I have 2 sensors on my body. After the new sensor has soaked I would like to avoid exchanging the two transmitters. Thus I would like to put a good transmitter (not a used transmitter) in a soaking transmitter but not turn it on for 24 hours.

Would a 90-day transmitter last for 180 days if I used it half the time for 180 days? I would plan on using a one transmitter for seven days and then another transmitter for the next 7 days, etc.

Your G5 transmitter starts the countdown clock when you first connect it to your receiver or the G5 app on your phone. It continues that countdown whether or not you are using it, so your idea would be a very expensive proposition.

Thank you, for consecutive days.

Why do you put a used transmitter in the soaking sensor? Every Tuesday morning, I shave where the new soaking transmitter will go, take my shower and then insert the sensor I wish to soak. I leave that sensor with nothing in it or on it until early Wednesday morning. When my 7 days are up early Wednesday morning and my Dexcom receiver gives me the change sensor now message, I rip off old sensor, remove transmitter, wipe it with a cloth and put it into the new sensor that has been soaking since Tuesday AM. I can do this half asleep in about 1 minute and works beautifully.

The first time I put a sensor in with no transmitter it was ruined, I don’t remember but the sensor with no transmitter on top must have caught on my clothes. I might try it again as I hate exchanging a sensor when one is on my body, I can’t do it half asleep.

Yup, I am over 70 so am just afraid to screw something up if I do it any differently. What you may want to do if you have problems with the tab catching on anything is just to remove the tab in the sensor you are soaking so there is almost nothing for the sensor to get caught on. The transmitter will easily snap into the new sensor without the tab, you just have to make sure it is well seated. I leave the tab on the sensor that I am soaking for an entire day and an entire night, and only once the tab got caught on something and came off, but the sensor was still implemented intact. Tab or no tab, either way should work fine.

Yup, I am going to try it again without a used transmitter.


It might have gotten wet. They are not waterproof until you put the transmitter into it.

I use a used xmitter, so of course no issue with timer countdown. I wouldn’t gamble on ruining a new xmitter because u don’t want to swap out the xmitters after a day of soaking. I find it to be a very quick transition from one sensor to the other, after the day’s soaking. Why are u making things so complicated? Bored? :slight_smile:

What do you mean, “no issue with timer countdown”?

I would not risk ruining a new transmitter. Have no idea what you mean.

an xmitter runs for 105 days and just prior to exactly 105 days, you have an opportunity to run it for one more session. that’s all u can run a G5 xmitter, using dexcom receiver or dexcom app on phone.