How to you keep your supplies organized?

If you are all like me you end up with 3 months worth of supplies at once and wonder how to organize them. I am wondering how everyone else organizes their excess supplies. I bought some sterilite plastic containers today at wal-mart. 5 for $4.44 and I have each one labeled with an index card on what it contains. Like my quick sets, silhouettes, testing supplies, low supplies, resevoirs, etc so that all I have to do is look at the label and grab what I need.

How do you organize?

Mine d supplies are in one big one,so in an emergency I can grab that one and the two out of the fridges and the other that has everything else )(CPAP supplies and other RX’s ) and be out the door.

And yep, been evacuated to to fire before–but good practice for anyone.

I am also thinking about making up an emergency kit. My diabetic bag is always stocked up so if I want to do something spur of the moment I can grab it and go. Weekly I check to make sure it is stocked up. I also have emergency low supplies at my desk and by my bed.

I have a three-drawer rolling plastic bin from Target. Bottom drawer for reservoirs, middle drawer for infusion sets, top drawer for test strips, IV preps, lancets, etc.

I keep 1 of everything in a backpack and carry it with me everywhere I go If I need to run quickly all I have to do is grab it. If I need more I have the medtronic local rep programed into my cell phone and her card in the back pack.

All of my “everyday” supplies are in my bedstand (test strips, Skinprep, infusion sets, reservoirs) and I have older stuff that I’m not using in a similar sized chest in the hallway (not-sticky-enough Cleos, all the stuff that came with my pump, IV prep, IV 3000s, extra meters, basically extras of everything). I have a couple of bottles of test strips in my purse plus meter and two lancing devices (one for backup since I forget the other one on the kitchen table a lot).
As far as emergency packing: I actually don’t worry too much about it. I live in NE Ohio, next to a river that has a 100 foot ravine around it. It’s pretty humid at this time of year. There are really not that many emergency situations that I can visualize here where I’d need to grab everything critical.