Storing your Diabetes Supplies

How do you store your supplies? I have a pump, so the pump supplies, the insulin, etc. all take up so much space. We’re about to downsize our house, so I’m losing some of my storage space.

I was using a shelf in my closet, a drawer in a chest-of-drawers, and the top shelf of a small flat-pack shelf unit. But I’m trying to reduce the visible clutter. After a reorder, the 2 drawers in my nightstand just don’t have enough room. But we’re getting rid of the extra chest of drawers and the shelf unit, so…

I’m thinking about getting a plastic tote for the sensors and pump supplies to hide in the closet, and then maybe trying to make a box big enough to hold maybe 3 Minimed Quick-set boxes (each is about a foot by about 4 inches, give or take). I figure that would fit on my dresser and would hold my glucometer and it’s supplies, and 1 box of sensors, 1 of reservoirs, and one of quicksets with a little extra room for all the other things, but wouldn’t be as messy as just having it sitting out on the dresser.

Have you figured out a good way to keep things organized?

I bought a good quality mini fridge for my insulin, frees up space in my kitchen fridge. For everything else, smallish cardboard boxes on a bookshelf. Not the best approach but pretty easy to keep things organized.

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I’m one of those folks who will quickly clutter ANY flat surface. To combat that, I use all manner of sizes of translucent, rubberized plastic boxes with lids. I have them in different sizes for D supplies, tools, rarely used clothes and sporting supplies. In addition to storing them on shelves and in closets, they are available in sizes that are thin enough to slide under a bed. Just about all of the big box stores sell them.

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I have two huge totes in one of my closets that hold my pump supplies, along with a much smaller tote (think lunchbox size) that stores my extra test strips and another one that stores extra barrier tapes and alcohol swabs.

Under my bathroom counter, I have another small tote that holds one month worth of reservoirs and sets, so it’s easier to get to them; I also have a basket that holds extra alcohol wipes, barrier tape, the current insulin bottle, etc. Keeps everything out of sight.

We downsized when we moved to a house half the size. We had to get rid of so much stuff!!! In my old house I had a shelf unit I had put up next to the kitchen that had my supplies, it was very handy. This house even though it’s smaller I have a larger pantry so I have a large shelf in there with most of my stuff and a skinny 1 foot wide by 5 foot tall cabinet in my bedroom with my overflow “extra” stuff. It can be stuffed when I add my 3 month supply of Omnipods and Dexcom sensors when they come. I want the back up supply I have, but that also certainly adds to needing a larger storage area.

The space needed for all the stuff, especially because of pumps and sensors is not small!!!

I have 2 large boxes taht I use. I could easily dump half of it but I’m afraid I’ll need it. No real reason for it.
I have expired glucose tabs, old infusion sets to pumps I no longer have. Inserters that I never used.
Stupid stuff, I really need to dump most of it, but as soon as s I do that, I know I’ll need it.

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I have a square shaped shelving unit from ikea that fits four large baskets. This has become my dedicated d-supply area. Like Timothy, I could probably discard a lot of it.

I have a corner cabinet that I keep in my room that holds most of my supplies except for insulin which is of course in the fridge. The cabinet is about five feet tall and two feet wide at the front, triangular shaped and can surprisingly hold a lot of stuff without taking up much space in my fairly small bedroom.

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All my supplies are still in the box the pump came in originally. Then it’s tucked into a closet that gets more and more buried every time I need something from it. That’s from the fam not me tho. Then my alcohol wipes and infusion set injector is in a drawer that’s available.

So what have folks done with leftover supplies from a previous tech. I have 5 boxes of G5 dex supplies, several unopened. My Endo office will not take them I guess because others like me already offloaded their older supplies. The thought of putting it all in the trash feels wasteful but then who would want my G5 sensors?!
I use bookshelf space mostly for my current supplies and it takes a lot of shelf space. I have no spare closet space. But maybe I should cull there!

Am I doomed to just put the G5 stuff in the garbage?