How do you carry your supply kit?

I’m looking for recommendations on what type of bag/kit I should use to carry my supplies. I’ve been using a pretty standard type kit I got off of Etsy a few years back, but it’s made to only carry my meter. All of my other supplies get pretty banged up just loose in my purse.

Ideally, I’d like to have something that could keep a pump infusion set, reservoir, possibly syringes and insulin, and my meter with test strips…and maybe a snack for lows that could transfer between purses. Does such a bag exist that doesn’t cost an astronomical amount? I’ve seen what myabetic has, but the one I would need that fits everything including my pump set is pricey, and I like carrying the purse I have now and switching between my others.

Are they worth the cost, or are there any others?

Hmmm, I use the pouch that came with my Omnipod. It has a place for the reader inside and the reader can also be your meter as a back up if needed. (I have a Dexcom CGM.) It also has a zippered pouch inside for syringes, pen needles, alcohol patches etc. And then it has a few elastic straps for a vial of insulin or an insulin pen. And straps for back up batteries. On the outside it has a pouch I put a back up pod into.

It’s about the size of a meter carrier, a little wider, should be on their site. Not cheap for what it is, but since it’s customized for us, it works. I noticed on ebay there are several selections.

I just use a clear plastic 8 x 5 inch makeup bag with a zipper.
I keep 2 pods or infusion sets, a couple needles, alcohol wipes, cooling Frio bag with insulin, and candy or raisins. I keep it organized with small ziplock bags.

I now use a small quilted purse and the clear plastic makeup bag fits in with phone/cgm monitor, PDM, wallet, pens, and tiny real makeup bag. If I need more room for a tester (I have G6 CGM so don’t take it for short trips) a book or something, I move the clear bag to a larger purse. My whole little purse fits in my backpack for flights or hikes or in a briefcase, or in my music bag for performances.

I often use a carabiner on a
Padded bag for my PDM on the purse, if I am wearing a dress, or on my pants or skirt so I can use it at a party or at work without my purse and around the house.

I have tried special supply bag purses but they were too heavy and ugly. You can find purses that fit your needs. I got mine at Good Will.

I used a carabiner on the case for my CGM before I used phone…phone seems too big. I get padded cases with clear plastic fronts from tallygear that come with carabiners and lanyards.

I would prefer for travel a waterproof purse in case of a rain storm to protect PDM as I usually don’t keep it in the plastic supply bag …I use the PDM too much.

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Note: I just use a cheap makeup bag and stick it in my purse.



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Cargo pants for life, unless I’m going somewhere nice and my wife tells me I have to change my pants…


I have a case and a gel skin for my Omnipod from SugarMedical and am very happy with both. The case holds the basics, and instead of carrying an extra pod with me, I put dried fruit and sour gummies in that section. The case also has a nice feature for disposing of used test strips. It is kind of expensive, but the case is very sturdy and I got a 10% off coupon for subscribing to their email.

Have you looked at kids’ pencil cases? We bought one at Kmart for $6 that is basically identical to the $40 Glucology branded ones. Had to unpick a couple of the pencil sleeves to hold an insulin pen, lancet and meter but it’s otherwise perfect. The one he has is big enough for glucagon kit, some jelly beans, insulin pen (backup for pump) meter and lancet, test strips, spare infusion set and some pen needles.


Hahaha you sound like my husband. He’s not a T1D but I think he’d vprefer that I just stick everything in my pockets. Kinda hard though when I’m wearing a dress…

I’d look into gps or tablet cases…I found a few Amazon basics that are always less $ than the diabetic cases…no straps though

I used pouch bags, but my latest is a 19.99 discounted insulin supply bag bought for about 5.00 at Walmart
. I used to throw supplies in my bag, not good, I have also used plastic food storage bags. I do not like to carry insulin as I am usually home in an enough time to change unless I have to change pod outside of my home,Tried the medicool pouches years ago and they always soured on me.

I have a lot of medical stuff to lug around, and I’ve recently started using this organizer pouch. It fits a ton of stuff: two EpiPens, a glucagon kit, a tube of Insta-Glucose, a bunch of daily and as-needed medications, two vials of eye drops, an insulin pen, two infusion sets, two cartridges, a bag with pen needles, alcohol swabs, various tapes and wipes, batteries, and antibacterial wet wipes, a ketone meter and strips, lancing device and some lancets, two extra penfills of insulin, and I believe I also have a tube of glucose tablets in there.

I like it because it’s bright orange and easy for me and others to find in my bag. When you first open it, all my emergency supplies are stored outside the pockets in loops. Everything else, such as backup pump supplies, are hidden away in the pockets. I also have the wash pouch and organizer pod versions of these same packs that I use for travel and my earthquake kit. All the kits are bright orange, which I like because when I travel with them they’re easy to keep track of while at security or in hotel rooms.

I do keep my meter kit and glucose tablets (and inhaler) outside this kit in an easy-to-access pocket of my backpack, since I use them so often and also because they woudln’t fit in the kit with everything else I need to put in there. But if all you’re carrying around is diabetes supplies, that kit would fit all diabetes supplies no problem.

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I use Myabetic bags. I have a couple different ones depending on what i’m Doing and where I’m going. Larger one when on vacation, smaller one when I’m just running around town.

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Here’s my current daily carry kit. The two bags are made by Tom Binh. The purple bag contains pump supplies, meter, test strips, CGM supplies, insulin, infusion set inserter and batteries. I selected a bright color to help catch my eye when I risk leaving behind, especially when traveling.

The larger bag is also from Tom Bihn. It’s a shoulder strap bag and have found it handy. It’s more manageable than the day pack I used to carry.

These bags are not cheap but are well made.


I use a Myabetic Kamen case.

In mine I carry…

Test strips
Pen needles
Victoza pen
Humalog vial (primary for pump)
Humalog pen (backup)
Alcohol and Unisolve swabs
Bandaids and antibiotic ointment
Pump reservoir
Needle for syringe
Infusion set

The only thing I don’t have a backup for is a Dexcom sensor, but I keep one in my desk at work and if I am traveling away from home I always bring an extra one. The G6 inserter is too bulky to carry around.