How would I connect with another single T 1 diabetic in my area?

How would I connect with another young single T 1 diabetic in my area? I’m def. not alone here, I’ve seen like 8 groups dedicated to finding single diabetics on TU. Different titles same subject matter and it doesn’t seem to be helping many people. So I know for a fact people feel the same way as I do. I’m at the point in my life where I’d like to keep dating but with people who I can really relate to and vice versa. I’ve seen those dating sites… they look like a really cheap sketchy bedazzled graphic site from 1994. Check it out ahah what the hell?, all this site is missing is a floating cupid graphic to follow your curser around the page? I live in Oakland CA. any ideas. Maybe theres a network I’m not aware of? TU Community I need your help.


Check out your local branch of the JDRF. In major cities at least they sponsor many social activities which would be a great way to meet someone. They’ve gone out of their way in recent years to create venues for adult Type 1’s, despite the fact they haven’t changed their name!

Hang out at the local endocrinologist offices:)

ha ha… freaky but ha ha… :wink:

Could you try a more legitimate dating site (I recommend, lol…my boyfriend of 1.5 years and I met on there) and specify that you are looking for other people with diabetes?

Thats a funny one Jim :slight_smile:

Cool suggestion Kari :wink:

I didn’t notice when I read your post, Jim, that you’re in the Bay Area. Definitely get on the mailing list for the JDRF in the City. There is a branch in Walnut Creek as well, but I’m not sure what activities they have. The one in the City has all sorts of social occasions where you could meet someone with Type 1 in a kicked back atmosphere.

Done it, on here too! Totally wasn’t anticipated but It just sorta fell into place over time, but very far from local, that’s for sure.

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