Hello Everyone,

I have type one diabetes and I was wondering if there are any dating sites for diabetic s. I feel that meeting someone with type one or two would be better for me as we would have a lot in common. I’ve tried a few online but they turned out to be worthless. It would also be nice to just meet some people in these forums to chat with. Thanks for reading

I agree with the general premise that two diabetics would have a lot in common. That doesn’t mean that they are adequately compatible; as religious beliefs, life styles, political leanings, etc, etc., all are part of what makes a couple “compatible”.

I was married for over 22 years to a non diabetic. I found out I was diabetic after 6 years of marriage and it was very tough on the whole family. Traumatic, actually. Eventually we got divorced, but the fact that I was diabetic was a tiny, tiny portion of the reason we split.

A few years later I met someone also diabetic and through that common connection, we got together. It was a “spark” that ignited our friendship. However, we like a lot of the same things, and all of those things combine to make what I think of as, “compatible”. Likes, beliefs, attitudes, and conduct are similar enough for us that we’ve now been together for over 20 years. We have large stashes of diabetic supplies. LOL!

Good luck in your dating, but don’t make diabetes a requirement for whom you choose to date.


There might be a problem with relationships between two diabetics overemphasizing diabetes and thus depressing both partners. I actually enjoy the fact that my wife is perfectly healthy and pulls me out of the world of disease.

I don’t know of any sites specifically for the purpose of connecting people with diabetes for dating. There are however, so many great online social opportunities where you “meet” people through your connection to diabetes and relationships sure do develop in varying degrees, including meeting in person and becoming great friends and even romantic relationships.

Besides TuDiabetes, where else do you make online connections related to TuDiabetes. Twitter and Instagram are big ones for me. Facebook has also developed a lot of groups for diabetes - all different types of groups. There’s probably something there for dating, although I couldn’t speak to it’s reputation.

You’d be surprised! There’s actually two that I’m aware of, one is called and the other is called I haven’t tried either, so use them at your own risk! :wink:

I know of one Facebook group dedicated to it - DiaSingles. It seems to be fairly active. I’m sure there are more though, a simple search should bring back some results.

Maybe Love will be in the air soon! :heart_eyes:


Funny that you mention this Lorraine, before I met my signifigant other I was actually on a “meet people” slash “dating” website and went out with someone who liked to hunt as I do. When we met and he saw my pump he exclaimed, “oh my goodness you have it to” like he had just found a rare specimen of a person and his eyes lit up. That relationship didn’t work out but we were friends for quite some time after and would still help each other any time one needed supplies! That connecting factor was so phenomenal to me because we both weren’t specifically looking for “that” but it just happened. The little diabetes Cupid was doing a dance for a minute. Lol

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