Diabetics need love to

So I know this isn’t a dating forum. But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to search by gender or age for friends who have or understand diabetic issues? Is there a way to do so in our members list?
Any 40-60 year old women in So Cal who are diabetics? It might be nice to date someone who doesn’t ask about the “pager” on my belt. Even some one who knows I’m not text messaging the kids when I check the BG and administer the bolus before dinner. Sure it gives me the opportunity to describe what being diabetic means, but then they finish the date waiting for me to keel over or die before desert. Wouldn’t it be nice to meet someone who deals with these issues on their own?
Bill Christian

Dude, I was thinking the same thing. We can makeup a dating website for diabetics! It could happen…

There is a diabetic singles forum here, but it is pretty quiet/inactive. There has also been some talk of a diabetes dating website, but so far still in the conceptual stage (I think).

Hey – nice, divorced guy (46) in NYC looking for relationship/long term commitment. :wink:


I am not single but I do live in So Cal. I am sorry there isn’t a site for diabetic’s searching for love…:frowning: I know one day you’ll find the perfect someone who will except your pager and all that comes with it:)


very well thought , after all a diabetic also have a soft heart and he also wants to fall in love , “as i m looking to fall, but with whom i dont know”. so i m in total favour of u if we can start a matrimonial site for diabetics or we can either search for our partner in this site also as many of our friends at tud.com also want to make their pair::::::