Howdy! I'm new here!

I’ve been branded, tattooed, wrapped and thrown to thee wolves in Apr 2011 by the good Doctor who constantly leaves me perplexed and puzzled as I wonder what’s a pre- diabetic, now a Type 2? “Here! Take these pills – they’ll help!” as I scratch the back of my head wondering aloud… “No… got to be a better way!” Let’s just say my doc is now the one who is constantly surprised and puzzled now.

Its been an intriguing journey so far, full of surprises where small things influence giant things as I stumbled along learning, adapting and wonder what next wee surprise is around the corner…

Anyway, was a chubby one who decided I needed a new mirror especially since I couldn’t find the remote to change the picture, “Same crappy show scaring me to death!”

I huffed and puffed, and wheezed as I dragged exercise equipment out of the basement, up three flights of stairs while standing in a cloud of dust and cobwebs, a true miracle that I actually lived to tell that tale! I managed to lose 90 lbs, dropped from 4xl to L shirt, a 50 waist to a 38. I really hate buying clothes, I really do… and then I have this puzzle to figure out. I finally managed to get my A1C from bouncing 6.1 to 6.5 back down to 5.8 in the last recent test.

One has no idea as to much frustration I have gone through trying to figure out what an A1C is! I managed to get my Blood pressure to a rock solid 120/78 from a 150/100 which amazes my confused doc, and me!

Lets say I was a very naughty one who loved chocolate covered strawberry filled cream puffs or burnt almond rum flavoured cheese cakes while lounging around!

I listened (once I clean my ears out), and learned from here and there with very little assistance from the usual sources, pestered others here and there. Its been a frustrating challenge at times; at other times, I find it amusing especially after my last doc appointment as he pondered over my data, his data, muttering “You’re not diabetic!”

Life goes on… but that was soooo hiliarious!! I lost it!

A few know me from other forums as I keep looking around, finding tidbits of info, here and there, re-adjusting as I go along this journey. So I sound silly asking about this and that…no worries, I am used to it! :)

Cheers One and All!

Awesome story. You have done great. Looks like your A1C is doing very well also. (A1C or Glycated hemoglobin (hemoglobin A1c, HbA1c, A1C, or Hb1c; sometimes also HbA1c) explained in detail here CLICK HERE for ADA A1C description. a Pre-diabetic can stop the onset of full blown type 2 diabetes with what you have done. Exercise, eat right and take care of your self. Even a full blown type 2 diabetic can have a reasonably healthy and "normal" life with good diet and exercise. Great Job. You should be commended for doing the work that the doctor could not or did not care to do. Confusing doctors by getting healthy and fixing conditions that "can't be fixed" is always fun. Keep it up and if you are looking for more information this site is definitely a great place to start. You deserve a virtual HIGH FIVE!!

I think most diabetis dream of doing what you have done. Oh how I would love to walk into the doc office and say, I don't need you anymore I'll be seeing you in about a year or so.
Good job

Gary S

thks! :)

the thought crossed my mind, I must say! yep! :)

It has crossed my mind also but for me it ain't going to happen. I have huffed and puffed also and have managed to lose all but 3 or 4 pounds of the extra weight but the diabetes is still there and I still must do MDI's to keep things under control. My insulin needs are only 1/4 of what they once were but the need is still there. I envy your great results. Now comes the hard part you have to keep it up or things will worsen.

But it's a good dream isn't it

Gary S


Dreams are good! It’s the journey that’s a real adventure! I pick my battles one day at a time! First 15 minutes of exercise dang near killed me! :slight_smile: it took me a month to get to a 1/2 hour in length!

Getting tougher now as smaller things are influencing the whole but weight still coming off! Down another pants size in the last month!


Spectacular! Keep up the great work! It's your body, wear it wisely :)

I find it quite interesting that your doctor (and mine) because we have good A1c's and/or fasting bg we arent diabetic! sheesh dont they know it never goes away just hides out until we screw up a meal or ten!! We do, whats up with them!

hehe... lets see, last doc visit, i'm amused as he rolling off the numbers! "weight coming off, Bg's good, A1C getting lower, Bp great, no other issues, just watch for nerve issues" like I'm some great experiment gone wrong!

all i can do is snicker, laugh! keep them confused, perplexed, and lost! only way!